Q & A With Eric Dane: A Preview of the Grey's Anatomy Magazine Interview

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We've talked previously about the new Grey's Anatomy Magazine, and how it will be bringing fans the latest news on your favorite show, interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes revelations from the set; and other great features and news.

Below is a sneak preview of the magazine's interview with Eric Dane, offered to Grey's Anatomy Insider exclusively by the magazine.



Setting pulses racing as the steamy Dr. Mark Sloan since he arrived at Seattle Grace in Season Two, actor Eric Dane reveals to Grey's Anatomy Magazine about his time so far on the hit show, Addison, Meredith, and why Mark is just misunderstood...

Mark Sloan and Meredith Grey
Grey's Anatomy Magazine: How did your Grey's Anatomy role come around? Was it a standard audition or was the part written for you?

Eric Dane: No. It was just an audition. I had read for [Shonda Rhimes] before when they were casting the pilot. I read for this character and obviously, I ended up getting the role, but I don't think they had any intentions of making Dr. Sloan a regular at Seattle Grace.

Grey's Anatomy Magazine: Your first appearance in the episode "Yesterday" made quite an impression on audiences. Did you expect the ‘water cooler' aspect of what your character and performance would bring to the show?

Eric Dane: I didn't. I didn't even watch it and still haven't experienced my shockwave, because it's surreal to me. The week after that episode aired, the people from (Grey's Anatomy) called me and offered me a job, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Grey's Anatomy Magazine:
In "Don't Stand So Close To Me," Izzie has a great moment standing up to Mark's demeaning request for coffee, which ends up showing a more likeable side to Sloan. Was that a big moment for your character?

Eric Dane: Well, Izzie stood up, straightened her back, and looked me in the eyes and said exactly what she was feeling at the time. She's only pushed him so far and Mark's reaction was "You've got to be out of your mind, girl." [Laughs] Okay, fine, so I sort of acquiesced a little bit and I let her join in on the surgery.

Grey's Anatomy Magazine: Did you interview real plastic surgeons to come to understand Sloan's specialization?

Eric Dane: No, but one of my really good friends is a really great plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. He had some hazing. Interns get hazed by the Attendings, and they get put through the wringer and the obstacle course that is the hospital. It's a big part of dealing with the circumstances of the hospital where they are.

Grey's Anatomy Magazine: Mark can really be a colossal-sized jerk!

Eric Dane: He's very flawed. I love the fact that the trap or pitfalls of writing a character like Mark Sloan is that you get pigeonholed into turning him into a one-trick pony, where he becomes the resident cantankerous, codger p**k. But [the writers] are really good at playing against that.

They pick their spots because he is "that guy," so they have to make him "that guy" at certain moments, but they are really good at exposing his vulnerability. They are really unpredictable, too, and I think Grey's Anatomy, on a whole, is unpredictable. I think that's why people love watching it. They love watching these really great characters that are terribly flawed. You never know what is going to happen next.


We're working on a deal to give away free magazines as a part of our weekly Caption Contest. In the meantime, to read the full interview in Issue #1 of Grey's Anatomy Magazine, pick up your copy on newsstands now. For more on what's in the first issue, and to subscribe online, click here.

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I went out looking for the magazine and I haven't found it anywhere. I don't want to subscribe though because the price is pretty steep for a magazine.


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