Grey Chatter: Heading Into the Light

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It's hard to get past the fact that last Thursday's episode, "Drowning On Dry Land" ended with Meredith heading into the light, where she came face to face with Denny and Dylan. Because she's dead.

Denny said so, so it must be true.

Or is she?

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing how this will turn out until we tune in Thursday. But it seems that all signs are pointing to Meredith Grey's demise. It certainly would make a shocking end to this three-part saga.

Rock Star!
But back to what we do know.

Izzie is a rock star on the ferry for saving the guy pinned under the car. But she's a little less than a rock star in the friend arena, after trash-talking Callie to George.

Besides, it wasn't the best timing, as Meredith lay dying in the other room, for Izzie to just blurt out her feelings like that.

As much as she dislikes Callie, Izzie is supposed to be George's best friend. Best friends are supportive and accepting, not judgmental. Izzie needs to let it go and find a way to be George's friend with Callie in the picture.

Alex, meanwhile, finally steps up and takes charge of the missing family member situation, snapping photos of all the patients and victims at the hospital. It took him a while to figure this out, but now that he has, maybe it will help give him a boost of confidence.

Plus, he saved a pregnant woman's life. That pretty much makes Alex the star of the last two episodes. It will be interesting to see how his relationship with this "Jane Doe" develops.

Cristina and Preston hit yet another hurdle as Burke has to face the best friend dilemma. Cristina tries to explain her attachment to Meredith, but the best she can come up with is a story involving dragging a dead body across the floor.

While absolutely hilarious and true, this only serves to upset Burke more, although Cristina didn't willingly compare their relationship to a corpse. It's quite likely that Cristina is going through many "firsts" right now, and she's unable to deal with them emotionally.

Dr. Yang has never really been close to people, and now she has not only a best friend but a fiancé as well. It's a little overwhelming to Cristina to realize how attached she is, and that these people mean something to her. Once she figures out what to do with these emotions, maybe she'll stop saying crazy things about dead bodies.

But now back to Meredith
. If she is dead, what does this mean for Derek? He's completely lost as to how to help her. His medical skills mean nothing now; he's banned from the room. All he can do is hope and pray and accept his friends' consoling.

If the miracle in the next episode (titled "Some Kind of Miracle") is for Meredith and she does come back to life, this could forever affect her relationship with Derek.

If he didn't know before, he knows now that he's lost without her. There's nothing like a brush with death to make you appreciate the special people in you life. But if Meredith is really dead... well, a lot of things around Seattle Grace will be changing.

Grey Chatter: Heading Into the Light

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hey woop woop!
how in the world do you know all this?
i know how much fun it is being the spoiler since i am the only one among my friends seeing the episodes in english. (i am german). so how can you know so many details? if there is a secret spy i am not asking you for its name of course.....hihi...
but still, HOW DO YOU KNOW ??????? hi from germany,


i really liked izzies speech, very true.
and im so extremly happy that meredith didnt die :] so izzie, her being all "i dont like callie" to george, i think most of us were just waiting for it to happen. but it was a little out of the ordinary that george was all shes going to die, but his dad did just die, so i can see were its coming from. god i love this show!


Sorry for that double comment thing, wasn't supposed to happen.


BB-Thanks for the reply, a rather eye-opening one concerning Burke and Cristina. That's true that when she does something to make him mad, he obviously reacts likewise. I also agree that the fight between them has gone on too long, annoyingly long, perhaps why I thought he was being portrayed more jerkish


BB-Thanks for the reply, a rather eye-opening one concerning Burke and Cristina. That's true that when she does something to make him mad, he obviously reacts likewise. I also agree that the fight between them has gone on too long, perhaps why I thought he was being portrayed more jerkish.


I just discovered this website and it is sooo amazing!! i especially love reading all the opinions people have about the show and its good to know im not the only one whos obsessed with greys anatomy!!!!! :)


I hope that Meredith just has a near-death experience. You know, she sees the light but is sent back because it isn't her time? I think Denny will send her back. Who knows what will happen? We will just have to wait to see. I also liked Burk being kind to Derek, too. Derek needs a friend, but Mark showed Derek some compassion when he touched Derek's arm in the hall.


Burke didn't seem out of character to me, McYmyT. When he was irritated with her it was very much the way he acted when they broke up, even though they were in love with each other, back in season two after she found out she was pregnant but before he knew about it. Remember when the wife beater was in the car accident and needed the new liver and the son was a potential doner but didn't want to do it. He talks to her like that when she does something that hurts him. We have seen it several times in the past seasons. This past week he was a gentleman and very kind to Derek as he usually is. He was also frustrated when he talked to Addison about the interns and that was very much the same way he was frustrated many times in the past. I just saw Burke being Burke, a multilayered character, basically a gentleman, in love with a girl that challenges and frustrates him, just like in the I am Preston Burke scene. I actually didn't see him as being a jerk. I thought his reaction to Cristina's snarky, "How was your surgery, Dr. Burke?" was good. He followed her and asked her what her problem was. She told him she was irritated with Meredith because she couldn't find her. He wanted to make sure that she wasn't seeking Meredith's approval. The people on the writers blog are making the friendship way too important to Cristina. They neglected to see her irritation just before she found out that Meredith was in serious condition in the ER. Unless the writers completely turn Burke into someone he has never been, he will understand the "she's my person" line. It is the corpse line that he had trouble with. I have to say though, I am really tired of their fighting. It has just gone on too long. If the writers don't make them loveable together again and do it soon they will really be letting down the fans of this couple who have waited so long for them to get together. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.


I don't know Shell. I really wish I did because I am losing sleep over this. Anything can happen tomorrow night. I just don't think if they fired him, Isaiah would have any reason to stay quiet about it. I don't know how long ago this episode was shot, but certainly at least a couple of weeks. There have been pretty positive statements made by members of the cast on various guest appearances with regards to the incident since this episode was shot. So as much as it panics me that they might kill off his character, logically I don't think so. At least I am really hoping not. I hope you are right TexasGreysFan. I hope he isn't going anywhere. And, I agree with both of you the spin off thing is not a good plan. I like Addison, but unless she takes Burke and Cristina with her, I'm not sure I would be too interested. Don't get me wrong, I think she is a really good actress, but I'm not sure she could carry a show alone. I'm afraid it would be kind of like Joey. The problem I have with Ellis being the one to die is that I don't think they would operate on Meredith's mother while her life is still in question. Unless she has some kind of crisis that requires Burke to operate immediately, it wouldn't make sense. I don't necessarily think though that the death will be a major character. I thought the spoilers said one major character and a second person would die and one would stick. I think it is kind of like when Mr. O'Malley died. We all thought the logical one to die was Mr. O'Malley but then thought that was too logical so it wouldn't be him and again there were rumors that it would be Burke. So, I am hoping it will prove to be true again and that while we think Ellis is too logical it will still be her. One hint is that the little girl "Meredith" was rescued by her mother. Shonda likes parallelisms. It would be a parallel if Meredith's miracle comes as a result of something she learns from her mother. The other problem I have that scares me for Burke is that when Cristina is so upset iin the previews and saying try again, we can't see who the patient is. What if it is Burke and not Meredith on the table that she is referring to? Everone is assuming it is Meredith, but we really don't know. Someone on another thread or another site said that Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree who play Burke's parents are due to appear in another episode this spring. The Burke fans were celebrating thinking they would be back for the wedding. I guess they could also be back for a funeral, but I couldn't watch. It would be like losiing a member of my family at this point. WoopWoop, I think you missed the point fromthe spoilers that only one of those scenarios will happen, not all of them. So since we don't know which one, we really don't know who will die. The logical one to happen is tha Callie is pregnant after all of the sex they have supposedly been having. This is why I think that.
1. Burke and Cristing should never break up and Burke would never transfer from Seattle Grace because he should become Chief, and the right answer is rarely the first option, even when the writer of the spoiler would like to see that happen.
2. Izzie and George cannot hook up because he is married to Callie and they are friends. It would be really gross if they hooked up romantically.
3. They are playing on people's comments that the little strange girl who was by the water with Meredith is Izzie's daughter. She found her mother, so under what circumstances would Izzie rediscover her?
4. Addison will not have a life threatening illness if she they are contemplating spinning off her own television show. A spin off would mean that her character leaves and moves somewhere else, maybe back to Manhattan.
5. They wouldn't give us that big of a hint by saying Meredith and Derek will hit a road block. I think near death is road block enough. So, as much as I do not believe Meredith will die tomorrow night, I don't think the spoiler really helps us know who will.


TV.Com shows that there will be new episodes on March 8th and March 15th, so it doesn't sound like we will have to go through the entire month with all reruns. I also read where there would only be 22/23 episodes this season, which means we don't have too many more to go! That makes me sad! I wonder what the cast does all summer.. I heard an interview with Izzie during one of the award shows in Jan. talking about her upcoming marrriage in Dec. of this year and she said thats why she planned to get married in Dec. becasue that was the only time of the year that she has (2) weeks off. So, what do they do during the summer? Promotions for the show maybe? I think they go back to shooting new episodes in July/Aug. since the new season starts back in Sept. Anyway, just wondering what they do during the summer months?? Are all of those spoilers that have been listed by different ones true? or were the spoilers saying that one of those things could happen, not all of them? I really want Mer/Der to finally be together! I hope she doesn't have an ex show up at her door. All I can think about is here we go again. Mer and Der derserve to be happy for once!!!!
I love Patrick and Ellen together! Never seen the chemistry in a couple as believable as theirs! They really seem to be such good friends on and off screen. I think thats great! They always compliment each other in their interviews when asked about each other. I also had read that article about Rob Lowe being offered the part of McDreamy, but turned it down. Patrick had not read for the part until after Lowe turned it down (I think) and it was NO question, he was the ONE after he read with Ellen! I also read where Patrick said how at ease Ellen made him feel at his reading! So, obviously it was meant to be for these two to be together as our lovable Mer/Der couple! As far as Patrick, what an adorable guy! Soooo, good looking, charming, those eyes and that smile, I could go on and on! (ha) and lets not forget about the hair! In these (2) episodes Patrick has been great! I think he should receive an Emmy as well as Ellen! You can tell how he feels from his eyes, and his smile even before he says anything and in these last two episodes the hurt he was feeling was felt by us the viewers. We hurt when he was hurting, thats how good his acting was. You could truly tell how much he loves Meredith and by them being such good friends in real life and enjoy working together as well as they do, I'm sure it makes it easier for him to be himself and show his feelings! I truly think Meredith will live and I think Dereck will propose to her! This will be the wedding and the only blow I can think of for Burke would be that Cristina would break off their engagement. That would be a blow to him, he would be so hurt. I hope this doesn't happen, but this was just a thought!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.