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We planned it so Caption Contest XLI would be unveiled the day after Super Bowl XLI. We swear. Okay, maybe not. Funny coincidence aside, this edition of the Caption Contest was just your standard Monday afternoon fare.

But you all did great. The picture below, from "Wishin' and Hopin'," led to some seriously funny replies. Kristy, PINK MIST and Greysrunsmylife all submitted captions worthy of honorable mentions. Haley definitely won best nazi reference, while Josh wins best Super Bowl-related caption (it was Caption Contest XLI, after all).

But there can be only one Caption Contest champion, and our staff has chosen SheStoleMyMcLife! She stole this contest, too... albeit barely. It was one of the most competitive editions yet, and we hope to receive even more stellar entries this week.

The winning reply appears below. Congrats to the winner, and to all of you who wrote in. Scroll down and see the complete list of responses. Good luck again this week, Grey's Anatomy fans. Good luck.

This week's Caption Contest image:

Izzie & Miranda

"You know those cartoons, where there's a bear or whatever, and its starving, and it looks at eight million dollars, and it wants to open up a free clinic, and somehow it opens it in eight days and then ends up with no patients? Yeah... that's us."

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Bailey: "Just watch the door Stevens..." Izzie: *panicking* "Oh, my God! I forgot how much the door cost...wait...did someone just TOUCH that $800.59 door?"


Bailey: Stevens, keep on smiling at the ambulance drivers, maybe they will bring us some patients!
Izzy: Do I need to strip or something, you know I will for the good of the clinic?
Bailey: You Go Girl!!!


IZZY: Do you smell that?!??!
BAILEY: I passed gas....Why do you think I have "this" look on my face?
IZZY: I think I just puked a little in my mouth.


Izzy: I love T.V.
Bailey: Excuse me?
Izzy: It's the only way in the world that I could kill my fiancé, not go to jail, not lose my job, inherit $8.7 million and dedicate YOUR free clinic, which was built and ready to open in 8 days, in my said fiancé's name!
Bailey: Amen for T.V. …
Izzy & Bailey: Sigh and smile...


yes it does...thank you!


Thought I'd answer you, seeing as we posted at the same time. The winner is revealed when the next picture is released. It's always posted on the front page anyway, so, for example, if you go to the main page now, and scroll down a bit, you'll see the winner's name/username in bold, and the new image below it. Hope that helps!


Izzie and Dr Bailey finally realised the phenomenon that was McDreamy.


I am fairly new to this site anyone know when they post the winner? P.S.... some of you out there are pretty freaking HA-LARIOUS


IZZY: Dr. Bailey this was suppose to bring some sort of fulfillment, accomplishment, or triumph in my life. This 8 million dollar clinic was suppose to keep hope alive...keep Denny a way...I guess... BAILEY: There is nothing we can do to bring Denny back, but walking through the The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic doors does keep Denny's memory alive and you did an impressive, yet surprisingly gracious gesture Izzy. NOW I NEED SUCK UP'S, A CAPPUCCINO, AND A LINE OF TEMPERATURE RUNNING AILING BROKEN UNHEALTHY MASSES FILLING UP MY, I MEAN, OUR 8 MILLION DOLLAR CLINIC


Izzie: So 8 million dollars went into this.
Bailey: Izzie, Its going to be worth it.

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