Patrick Dempsey Praises Isaiah Washington

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By now, everybody knows the story of how Isaiah Washington used a gay slur to describe co-star T.R. Knight, which led to a Patrick Dempsey-Washington dustup last fall.

Patrick Dempsey Praises Isaiah Washington
But what everyone might not know is that now both stars are back at work, and things have apparently blown over, despite what some media outlets might tell you.

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush sat down with Patrick Dempsey to find out if things were any different since Washington's return.

"Has he changed?" Bush asked Patrick about Isaiah.

"It's hard," said Dempsey, whose wife recently gave birth to their twin sons. "I haven't spent enough time around to honestly know what's going on with him."

It's been four months since Patrick and Isaiah nearly came to blows on the Grey's Anatomy set over the latter's homophobic remark. And after a self-imposed stint in counseling, Washington is back at work.

"I haven't spoken to him about it. You do have a feeling when you look at him that something is different and that he is working on things," Dempsey said. "You can't get away from the fact he's doing a great job on the show. He does beautiful work."

"He's an intense, passionate actor," Bush said of the man we've come to love as Dr. Preston Burke.

"He's very passionate about it. He allows himself to feel deeply and sometimes, that's very difficult to contain and control appropriately," Dempsey replied. "I think good will come from this."

It's good to see that whatever personal issues marred the Grey's Anatomy set in the past several months, everything seems to be back to normal now. With the exception of a possible Kate Walsh departure, the whole cast looks like it will remain intact for the forseeable future.

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Something positive is what I always like to hear. Life is moving on.


Isaiah Washington is the kind of actor who gives fully to the role. I loved what Shonda said about him still shadowing the real doctors to make sure that he is doing the surgeries correctly in order to make it as real as possible. I really hope that everything is good between everyone on the set. It is the combination of personalities of the characters that make the show work. None of the original nine cast members is expendable without the entire show suffering. It was nice to hear his castmate publically praise his work. We only see the end result. It is nice to hear from someone who sees the amount of work that goes into the characterizations.


Hey, did anyone see PD on This Week with George Stephanpolis? He was talking about a woman's cancer support site - his mother had ovarian (I think) cancer and he talked about how confusing it was to get treatment, get infomation, etc. Not only is he a good husband and father, but a good son, too.


I'm so glad that things are working out between them and he was able to stay on the show, it wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy with out Preston, or if anyone left it wouldn't be the same, i'm gonna miss Addison, but hopefully her show will be good.


I like what he said and that he recognized the great job of IW.


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