Sandra Oh: Fashionable as Always

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A fan sent us in a pair of Sandra Oh pictures from an unknown photo shoot. Since this unique, acclaimed actress doesn't get the amount of press that some of her peers do, we thought we'd post them. Here's the woman behind Cristina Yang in all her fabulous glory.

Sandra Oh: Fashionable as Always
Sandra Oh: Fashionable as Always 1

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Sandra Oh is beautiful!
She stands out from the croud, and we love her for that !


Sandra Oh is beautiful and I think she should show that off more on the show.


I agree, she doesn't fit the Hollywood 'standard', but who cares? I think she has a remarkable face - it can be so 'inscrutable' (pardon the ethnic pun), and yet so incredibly expressive...."Some Kind of Miracle" gave her character such a wide range of emotions to portray, and SO did such an incredible job. I've always liked her as an actress. Honestly, I think all the women on GA have a special kind of beauty that is uniquely their own.


Sorry to say so, but: White people can't judge Asian beauty. I'm Asian and Sandra Oh is just beautiful!


I agree with Joel. She may not be a classic beauty, but she has moment almost every week of being absolutely beautiful. I don't know if it is her expression at the moment or the way the light hits or or the angle of the camera, but she can go from ordinary to stunning in a heart beat. The scene when Burke asks her to marry him and she was standing there stunned with tears in her eyes. At that moment she was beautiful. There are many other moments, too. From what we know Sandra Oh is a very private person. I respect that she is not in the public eye every moment. There are lots of things that I admisre about Cristina Yang. Mainly I love that she loves Burke, cuz so do I.


I love the outfits, she looks really good!


I disagree, I think Sandra is beautiful, she may not be hollywood's "standard beauty" but she certainly isn't ugly. She brings a new face and a new image to tv and the business. I heart sandra.


I recongize Sandra Oh's skills as an actress. She is talented and she is excellent. But she is really not good looking. And I am sorry,,,this business, after all, is not about inner beauty, and it is too bad that she is in a shallow business..


Ok, I had to say something here:
I honestly can't decide who is my "favorite: character on the show...haha...I think it might be the writers! I can't get over the writing! I love to write and so I guess that is why when I hear a song or see a show I am drawn to lyrics and the WRITING-not just context and plot but also the way the characters are wired. I love all the characters...they have depth...they are beleiveable. I LOVE that each character is complex and we are forced to respond in a conflicted way-because if they are "good" there is some kind of hang-up...a moment when we question thier goodness. Likewise, when a character is bad-ass we loathe them...but learn to feel for them. It's seriously like real, regular us! Through thier responses, pasts, and hopes we find ourselves reasonably connected in some way to every character. That is a FINE art!! So, I know this is supposed to be about Yang/Oh...well everything I said holds true. I think Oh is a wonderful actress. I love the character of Christina Yang-she actually reminds me a little of my best some of her perfectionism/bluntness/sarcasm. She seems to primarily "seperate" her emotions...or not have any...but we know better. Somehow, with one stone-faced as it may be...steeped in silence...we sense the emotional conflict.
What I do eventually become curious of is Sandra Oh- I saw a snippet of her...oh where was it...on Oprah or on a DVD bonus. I found myself momentarily surprised at her very relaxed demeanor and her softer air as she giggled like a teenager. I wondered what her personal connection was to Yang. I know this blog mentions her not being as "seen" as her peers....but I wonder if that is to her credit. Kind of like on American Idol: We cheer like crazy and judge like it matters for "the top" person. We boo and hiss over some of the "outcasts" and even shrug them off. But many times it is to thier credit to not be at the appearant "top." The truth is thier are all very talented. The truth is we see them how we want to and yes, we are fickle. The truth is sometimes they are better off flying a little under the radar. The truth is that is often how they sneak up on us and steal the show! (ie Jennifer Hudson!)
(If you were able to follow me you are amazing!)

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