Tensions Rising On Grey's Anatomy Set?

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Tensions Rising On Grey's Anatomy Set?
Is there trouble on the set of Grey's Anatomy?

Maybe. Take this gossip with a grain of salt, since it comes through MSNBC via Star Magazine. But rumor has it that the spinoff of the series that will feature actress Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) has left other cast members feeling blindsided and short-changed.

"The rest of the cast seemed instantly resentful of [Walsh]," a source told Star. "They each thought they'd be the one chosen to get their own show, and now they're giving Kate the cold shoulder."

The source adds that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo "seemed particularly peeved because she felt that, as the star, she should have been consulted."

The spinoff news comes just as the controversy regarding fellow cast member Isaiah Washington's inappropriate remarks began to subside.

"Things had finally settled down and now everyone's disgruntled again," the source says.

We don't know how true any of this is. But what we do know, as we reported yesterday, is that a two-hour episode of Grey's Anatomy slated for this spring is what opens the door for Addison's departure.

Dr. Addison Montgomery

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It's a tabloid people they don't know how to tell the truth. And unless you know Ellen personally what is the bases for your opinion one lousy show and magizines that don't know what is real because money is the bottom line not the truth.


I agree with many of you that this is most likely a bullshit story. I don't understand because I really like Ellen Pompeo and I think the press has always had it out for her for some reason. I truly doubt she'd be that upset about Kate leaving considering that would just give her more attention because there would be one less female to be competing against. And as far as Ellen on PUNK'D, I loved her! I would've been just as upset about the whole situation. In a recent interview I read with her, the directors of the show cut out an entire scene where she realizes that she's being punked and says something to her boyfriend. I think that she dealt with the situation just like anyone else would've! Seriously!
I've said from the beginning and I'll say it again, I really hope that the Kate Walsh spin-off doesn't go well. I'd like to see her at SGH with the rest of the amazingly talented cast! But if anyone were to go to another show, I guess she's the best choice. The other characters much more vital to the show then her character.


I expect that reaction is being exaggerated to sell papers....but, SERIOUSLY....look at the forums and the websites... There are a lot of fans that aren't really happy about the idea of a spinoff, why should the GA actors / actresses be any different? I know that when something happens to affect my work, especially something as significant as a personnel change, I'm pretty interested, opinionated, and sometimes pissed off... I'm sure the good folks at GA will handle this professionally and will continue to do the good quality work we all love and appreciate....I'm not going to worry too much about what the Star comes up with....


Damn it...you know what sucks about this? This is the third situation posted here ( alleged as this one might be,) where it seems that the popularity of Grey's is becoming unmanagable. I don't remember the last time I was a loyal fan of anything in the entertainment world. The writing is phenomenal, and the actors are a perfect fit for thier current roles. I am not against people growing and moving on. They have a right to experience the oppurtunities that are opened up by thier fame. They deserve support from one another as well as thier fan base. Too bad human beings are notoriously fickle. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. Thank God for tv on dvd! HA


Ellen already has her one show, why would she want another one?


It's fake. Ellen Pompeo wouldn't be worried, shes the star of GA. I can see why others would be a little annoyed though, since Kate came in S1 ending/S2 beginning, and the rest were there from the start (cept Callie)
Addison would be a great star in her own show, but as someone already said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


This sounds so much like "garbage press" I would not pay any attention to this they just do that to manipulate us. Don't buy these magazine and ignore the gossip just enjoy a good show. Success creates envy and jealousy but you know that already.


Mariafe, I agree with you. This story sounds like a bunch of b.s! If anything the cast is not jealous and I find it kind of funny how all these "sources" seem to have it out for Ellen. If anything, as much as I love addison/kate, the spinoff doesn't sound like a good idea. But I see why Shonda is doing. Addison has a fan base(like it or not susy she does) but she doesn't really have any good storylines at the moment.(besides the whole alex thing) I mean when she started out she was Derek's wife, then she got a divorce from him and then she befriended the emeny(mer). Now she's just sort of...there. Her time isn't up it just seems like it's up now. Unless the writers try harder and come up with something new for her.


It makes perfect sense for Kate to star in the spin off because she is from New York and she has enough fan base that she could really get the audience interested in the show. Can't we all just like the show and can't the cast let go of their egos enough to be thankful and blessed for everything they have accomplished with the success of this very show. Thanks should go to Shonda...not being angry and giving her the cold shoulder!


It's fake. Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh are the most important characters of GA and They aren't jealous.
Ellen Pompeo on PUNK D was great. My friend met Walsh and she's a moron.


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