The Return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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The Return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan
A source with close ties to Seattle Grace tells TV Guide's Michael Ausiello that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's Anatomy as Izzie's late fiancé in an episode to air later this season.

Since Denny clearly passed away back in May, it seems safe to assume that he'll appear in either a dream sequence or a newly created flashback.

Of course, if Shonda Rhimes wants to get really creative, she could read some of our fan suggestions on how (and if) Denny should come back to life.

TV Guide offers a few humorous options:

  • Kenny. Denny's long-lost (and evil) twin. Just as Izzie is starting to feel get over Denny, her ill-fated soul mate's brother shows up to reclaim the $8.7 million inheritance!
  • Ghost of Denny. At the opening ceremonies of the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, his spirit appears just in time to cut the ribbon. Poignant.
  • An Alien. Okay, so this isn't the X-Files. But some of you may recall that while guest starring as Izzie's love, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also a regular on the WB series Supernatural. Katherine Heigl, for her part, once starred on Roswell. Think about it.

Can you think of any other possible scenarios - serious or crazy - that may bring our beloved Jeffrey Dean Morgan back to Grey's Anatomy? Leave us a comment and share.

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Everyone has a look-a-like; bring him back as a doctor, give him a little scar or a beard; but bring him back; love him!


please bring him back am in love with that man I like his voice I love his dimple I love his every thing and am in love with that man can I ask u some thing Denny will u married me????? Please


pleas please pleas bring him back! am in love with that man and do u mired me pleas


Denny keeps repeating that he came back For Izzy and that he has peace. Could it be that something is wrong with Iz?


okay - episode 8 is ridiculous.
they kinda made it impossible for him to come back as a real live person because no one sees or hears him except izzy. if they hadn't done they could have had him fake his death so he cld give izzy the 8 million bucks and then just have him come back under a new identity blah blah blah but it's ridiculously confusing how no one else can see or hear him but izzy can kiss him?!!? what the hell. this is getting really corny. unlesss they are trying to write izzy off the show by making her insane which is just not fair to karev. well im done ranting... for now.


I agree to all the people to bring Jeffrey Dean Morgan back, possibly in a dream of izzie's, maybe of their wedding day! But Please, please, PLEASE, don't make him an evil twin. Denny's heart and his personality was what made him shine on Season 2, and it would absolutely be unmentionable to make him evil just to see Jeffrey on screen again! I love Jeffrey and all, and would love to see him again on Grey's, but I don't know if I could watch him as an evil person.


Jeffrey dean is an absolute DISH. I'm from the UK and only just had the pleasure. OMG (oh my god) he is beautiful! What a smile, what a Voice, Beautiful eyes. I want more!!!! I think that izzy get a viral infection that goes to her brain. She comes in and out of consciousness/delerious but all the time, her dreams become reality for her and she believes that she and Denny are still an item and together.


Would the idea of "Cloning" Denny be to far fetched ...


every time anyone mentions strokes i freak.


poor izzie.
poor denny.
i wanna cry just thinking about it. imagine if izzie decided what dress to wear to the prom a few minutes earlier.
she would have gotten there sooner.
and before it happened.
she could have saved him. i guess t.v. just doesn't work like that.


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