T.R. Knight Not Leaving Grey's Anatomy

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T.R. Knight is not quitting the show.

We repeat: T.R. Knight is not leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Kristin Veitch, E! Online columnist and trusted source, sets the record straight regarding this rumor in her column. For those of you who missed it, a person claiming to know someone on the Grey's Anatomy catering staff claimed T.R. was so upset over ABC's handling of Isaiahgate that he was planning on quitting the hit show.

Not the case.

Reliable sources connected to the show, as well as T.R. Knight's personal publicist and the show's ABC rep, all state unequivocally that T.R. is staying on the show. In fact, ABC "irrefutably denies" it - language that would not be used if there were even a slight chance of him leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Hopefully, T.R., Isaiah Washington and the rest of the staff can move on from the incident that has marred the show over the past few weeks and get back to what matters most - collaborating on TV's best drama.

T.R. Knight: Staying Put

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TR Knight contct me plz need to talk yu


What about now???? George is one of my favorite characters. The season ended with him about to die...... I hope that he's not leaving the show... if Izzy and George both go, I don't know if I'll be watching Grey's Anatomy much longer:(


12-09-08 As a devoted fan of "Grey's Anatomy, I am glad T.R.Knight will not be leaving the show. I have watched "Grey's", since the first show of the first season, and still enjoy the new story lines. It's too bad "unknown sources" are always giving out untrue information to we the public. Again, I am a supporter of the series and a fan of all the actors, particularly T.R. Knight. Happy Holidays, Linda Dixon


im glad isaiah washington got fired. b/c george meredith izzy and christina are the real stars of the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he wasnt nothing


well look grey anatomy would given more colorful paly after this incident hope would add more colors. i love seeing him playing act as gorege Omally not his private lives.


Let him leave. What Mr. Washington said was not politically correct, but it was accurate. Why shoudl Mr. Washington be fired because of speaking the truth. Mr. Knight is a faggot. Anyone who denigs this is liing. Mr. Knight admitted himself that it is true. In Mr. Knights own words he is gay and according to Webster's Dictionary, one meaning of faggot is to be gay. What is wrong with this true statement other than the unpolitically correctness of it? Get some thicker skin, Mr. Knight, and the rest of America for that matter, and get over it. The truth hurts sometimes, but it does not stop it from being the truth.


Great news. George rocks!


Im so glad...If T.R. Knight left the show...I don't think i could ever watch it again!! He is the star of the show in my eyes...Even if it is called GREY"s Anatomy!!!! He is just amazin...I can't even think of the show bein anything without him as George O'malley!!!! I adore him...so much...it's not even funny!:) He is a lovin and sweet Teddy Bear!!!!:)


I'm so glad to hear that George (TR Knight) is not leaving the show. The complete cast, even Isaiah Washington. Let's just pray that Isaiah realizes what he said. Does he remember when being black was not acceptiable. I'm white, and I've got very close friends that are black, and also gay. My best friend growing up is gay. That does not put them in a class by themselves. All men are created equal. This is the BEST SHOW I've ever followed. I laugh, I cry, and I giggle. All the complete cast is great. Lets keep all the McShow going. Sincerely, McAVID Viewer


I've learned not to believe half the things I read or hear on the internet, tabloid magazine, and most of the entertainment shows. Have you notice that the media now has changed from IW making a homophobic slur to an insensitive comment. That's the same thing someone was saying on CNN - that you have to distinguish the difference between a racial slur and an insensitive comment. Their not the same thing.


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