Grey's Spoiler Watch: Izzie & George?

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Rumors are flying that Izzie and George will be hooking up on this week's all-new episode (a rumor no doubt perpetuated by the previews for this week's episode, which we'll bring you tomorrow).

Izzie O'Malley?
We went to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello for confirmation, and the insider's latest online spoilers are cryptic. No giveaways.

However, he does go so far as to say that after tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy airs, you'll know which one of the following six rumored plot twists (and wow, these are some interesting ones) is real:

  • After breaking things off with Cristina, Burke will transfer to another hospital.
  • Callie will reveal she's pregnant.
  • Izzie and George will hook up.
  • Izzie will be reunited with her daughter, and it's someone we've already seen on the show.
  • Addison will be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
  • Derek and Meredith's relationship will hit a roadblock when one of her exes (Finn?) shows up on her doorstep with one thing on his mind.

As for the low-key demise of Addisex, Ausiello hears from his sources that as soon as it was decided that Justin Chambers wouldn't be following Kate Walsh to her possible spin-off series, the producers pulled the plug on any possible romance between the two.

The thinking being: no sense in getting viewers more invested in Addisex if only one of them is definitely returning to Grey's Anatomy next season.

Which of the above rumors will prove correct? Tell us what you think. Leave us a comment and vote in our poll at right!

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on prewiews of next week it shows izzie ready to fight cali.izzie is totally stronger!!!!shes probly the srongest,prettiest,bestpersonalties girl ever!shes the best girl on the show.and george is the best dude.and just cuz cali is taller and bigger doesnt meen izzie cant beat her mom is way older than me and im stronger than her.and like it says in a really old episode and this upcoming one.she grew up in a trailer park and on the street that means she could kick callies butt!!!!and cali grew up in a machion with her rich parents like it said in that old episode.she does not have any muscle.LOL


wut ev with the ppl saying george should be with cali.izzie and george should be together!!!i only watch the show cuz them.everyone knows they love each other.i hate cali shws mean and fat.and george wusnt drunk wen he said izzie is blonde and stacked.and super girl is izzies daughter!!


I think i have changed my opinions about izz and george, i used to think it was really cute, but she just needs someone new. george was there for her when denny died, and she thinks its love. george is in love with callie, and everyone knows it. I hope shes not pregnant yet tho, just not time. As for Izzie and Alex, he's a dick, soo, she doesnt need him either. Meridith, she needs to stay with McDreamy, he makes her normal.


The show is being ruined by this ridiculous 'romance' between George and Izzy. It was going south when the Callie/George thing started, but now it's deteriorating much the same way that Desperate Housewives did.
There is no chemistry with these people. Why don't the writers see this and move on?
Bring back Rebecca. At least there was something going on with Korev that seemed authentic.


uhhhhh... okay I like George and Izzie as friends.. but nothing more. I still like the Alex/Izzie pairing... but we'll have too see... grrr i can't wait till season 4!


Just so everyone knows, from the episode when Izzie told the girl she has a daughter, she said that she named her Hannah, but thats just what she called her so her name probaly isn't Hannah.


I saw the previews for the upcoming episode next thursday and i think izzie's daughter will be the "super" girl from earlier. i know it said that she was a foster child so maybe she is her daughter.


It might be izzy's daughter and since it said that it is going to be a character that has already appeard it could be that girl that didnt feel pain(she was adopted)......just a suggestion!


I think Gizzie is too obvious, but I do want to say for a minute that I totally love them. And I seem to be the only one doing so, lol! relationships that start from being friends for so long can really last a while, so I dunno, I'm just very curious about what's shonda gonna throw us now! I'm not saying I like georges adultery because I'm against that but yeah I dunno, something about Gizzie just fits..


George and Izzie should not get together. It's just wrong!! After their "mistake" I bet Izzie is the one who ends up being pregnant (season finale) and everyone will question who she slept with since Denny death.

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