Grey's Spoiler Watch: Izzie & George?

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Rumors are flying that Izzie and George will be hooking up on this week's all-new episode (a rumor no doubt perpetuated by the previews for this week's episode, which we'll bring you tomorrow).

Izzie O'Malley?
We went to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello for confirmation, and the insider's latest online spoilers are cryptic. No giveaways.

However, he does go so far as to say that after tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy airs, you'll know which one of the following six rumored plot twists (and wow, these are some interesting ones) is real:

  • After breaking things off with Cristina, Burke will transfer to another hospital.
  • Callie will reveal she's pregnant.
  • Izzie and George will hook up.
  • Izzie will be reunited with her daughter, and it's someone we've already seen on the show.
  • Addison will be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
  • Derek and Meredith's relationship will hit a roadblock when one of her exes (Finn?) shows up on her doorstep with one thing on his mind.

As for the low-key demise of Addisex, Ausiello hears from his sources that as soon as it was decided that Justin Chambers wouldn't be following Kate Walsh to her possible spin-off series, the producers pulled the plug on any possible romance between the two.

The thinking being: no sense in getting viewers more invested in Addisex if only one of them is definitely returning to Grey's Anatomy next season.

Which of the above rumors will prove correct? Tell us what you think. Leave us a comment and vote in our poll at right!

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It can't be Meredith that Derek operates on. Maybe it is one of his sister's or something. I mean, he does have 4 of them. I might even be an ex-girlfriend? Before Addison? I have no clue. I can't wait for tonight. Watching re-runs to calm my jitters. Plus, in one of the promos, Derek is talking to some dark-haired woman, and it looks way too much like Mere. And he is giving her that really hot look he always has when he talks to Mere. I think the spolier that is right, is the Callie being pregnant. Addison having a life-threatening illness is just proposterous, considering the spin-off in May. I personally don't think Finn is coming back, he shaved his head like, 3 weeks ago for a new series or something he is in. Who could Izzie's daughter possibly be? Who can remember anyone who was a little kid, that we have all seen before, besides the girl who didn't talk and in a way, saved Mere? It can be the girl (Megan was it?) that thought she had "super-powers" from the 3rd episode of the season. She had adoptive parents. Who actually thinks that the crazy old professer who came to SGH is who Christina will leave Burke for?! I think Christina truly loves Burke, and will not leave him. These are only my personal opinions. Everyone has their own.


i only want to remind you ... according with different sources, Callie has a big secret, right? but i also remember that was told that the secret of Callie has a similarity with Paris Hilton's life... and it's not a sex video... In a episode discuss somebody said that she thinks Callie may be somekind of millionare, because ¿how can she afford living in an exclusive hotel?... and if the secret it's really in relation with some Paris thing, i can only imagine: sex video, a lot of money, a previous engagement, friends fight... and nothing about a pregnancy... and i don't want to see Izzie/George happening... but i think that is going to happen... so many clues: intern-and-intern hookup, drunk sex, Izzie jealous... and in the previews... both are drinking!!! i don't feel prepared for this...


I hope it is Callie being pregnant even though i cant stand her! and I am so hoping that Alex and Izzie get back together!


Omg i need it to be 9 oclock... i just cant wait any longer to see what is the right rumor!! uhg!! its killing me. i heard that Derek has a patient that he is really close to so i dont think there will be any Mer Der drama cuz that would be too much for him in one episode.. And i heard that Callie thinks Izzie likes George and George tells Izzie this and they just laugh and dont do anything about it sooo HOPEFULLY they dont hook up. I agree with Amanda that it would be overkill. I know everyone thinks the blonde girl is too young looking to be izzies daughter but dude nowadays people who are freakin 30 play teenagers on movies soo i wouldnt be suprised if it was her . And to jose i know the little girl was claimed by her "mother" but she was adopted so obviously Izzie isnt going claim her??? We see ya tomorrow to discuss the craziness that happens tonight!!


I'm thinking that Callie is pregnant. It just makes the most sense. At least I'm hoping that's what it is. Everyone has been through so much with their relationships so hopefully they are going to be left alone. At least for a couple of episodes.
I really like Callie. She is good for George and she doesn't take any crap from his friends. I love the whole cast, but they have given her a really hard time even though she has tried to be there for them and be their friend. I just wish they would accept her. I admire her. As much as she wants to be accepted as part of the group she doesn't compromise her feelings to do that. If you make her mad watch out! I can't wait to see what she's going to do pregnant!


Im thinking that Izzie's daughter will be re-united with her and I think that her daughter is the little girl that Meredith was walking around with when the ferry crashed, the little blonde haired girl who wouldn't talk.


I think it will be the addison thing and for calli if it has somthing to do with paris hilton its probably a sex tape. if its izzie and george i will hate the show and if anthing happens with mer and der that will
suck theres to much drama with them they should take it down a notch.


Belgian Grey.....thx so much for the clip link! I hadn't seen the first one w/mer and izzie. I agree McDMmMmM -- it made me happy to see them too! and I had to laugh out loud at their conversation - Alex living in a whorehouse! haha ohhhhhhh and when Alex tells Izzie not interested, not looking (cuz she's in a towel) i think she might step it up w/him now just to see if she's still got "it". Damn I can't wait til tonite!!!!


haha. awesome youtube clips. I love in the first one how derek and mer r in bed together.. like just lying there for a split second. idk 'tis makes me happy =]


UM. YEAH. It had BETTER not be the Meredith/Derek/old boyfriend thing. I would probably die if that happened. I HOPE it's Callie's pregnancy. I would hate to see Izzy and George (Gizzie?) get together because they are such close friends. But I doubt it's actually going to happen because George is still really bad at Izzy for her comment about him and Callie in the 3-show arc. I guess we'll have to wait to find out!

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