Washington Makes Charitable Donation

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Isaiah Washington, who traced his ancestral roots to Sierra Leone through DNA testing, has donated $25,000 to a computer animation project that aims to detail the Atlantic slave trade.

Washington Makes Charitable Donation
Known for his wide-ranging charity work, the Grey's Anatomy star started a non-profit foundation last year to improve the lives of people in the West African nation.

"The stories of innumerable Sierra Leoneans that were forced into slavery have yet to be extensively told," Washington said, in a statement, as reported by ABC News.

"I believe this project will begin to shed some much-needed light on the region, both past and present."

The computer project focuses on Bunce Island, an 18th-century slave-trading castle that sent African captives to North America.

Joseph Opala and Gary Chatelain, professors at James Madison University, are directing the project, which will show the castle as it appeared in 1805.

They hope to create an educational CD that will let students to look at the castle and its details to see what Africans experienced 250 years ago.

"Our animation project will allow us to go beyond the imagination, and actually see how the Atlantic slave trade was carried out," which is crucial because events then could not be documented by photography, Opala said.

The 43-year-old Washington made his donation through his Gondobay Manga Foundation and the Friends of Sierra Leone.

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I am wondering why Isaiah Washington still has a job. True he is a good actor, but he can be replaced. Jesse Jackson wants Don Imus fired for his comment, where was he when Isaiah made his disparaging comment toward a co-worker? How does Washington's apology mean something and he can keep his job, but Mr. Imus should lose his job. Talk about injustice. If Imus loses his job, then we should insist on Washington losing his job because his comment was just as hurtful and insulting as any comment I have heard lately.


He is such a great actor.


Thanks for the positive post. Isaiah has been during charity work for years, and contributing generous donations.


Justin sweetie, you have some very serious issues you need to work on. Seriously!


I was wondering what happened to you Justin...I think you deliberately post to upset Burke Backer. Your unpleasantness is a real downer...hope not to hear from you soon.


What an ass..............figures he would donate to something that is all about HIM and HIS roots........this guy should have never landed this sweet job on Greys and should have been booted a long time ago


Thank you, thank you, thank you, greysanatomyinsider, and you know why! It's so nice to see Isaiah recognized for his good work. Very nice picture, too.


It's refreshing and nice to see good publicity for him.


Thanks Insider for this great article and photo!


Great job, Isaiah!

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