Grey's Anatomy, American Idol Rule Water Cooler Discussions at the Office

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America voted and American Idol rules - at least in the office where about half of the workforce thinks talking about TV improves camaraderie.

Grey's Anatomy, American Idol Rule Water Cooler Discussions at the Office
But Meredith Grey (right) and the rest of her Seattle Grace cohorts finished a strong second.

A survey by Spherion Corp. released on Tuesday found that the hit reality television talent show American Idol is the most talked-about TV program in the workplace for the second consecutive year.

A whopping 37 percent of 2,800 U.S. workers named the Fox network program as the show they most often discussed at work, up from 35 percent last year, and compared with 17 percent who named Grey's Anatomy.

The shows 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland, crime investigation series CSI, and another medical series, House, rounded out the top five.

Both Grey's and Idol continue to enjoy massive popularity and ratings.

The survey found about 1 out of 5 employees engages in some chatter about either American Idol or Grey's Anatomy on company time, with women more likely than men to bring up the shows or discuss their personalities.

The popular reality TV program is approaching its season finale on May 23, when a new American Idol will be named. The Season 3 finale of Grey's Anatomy is currently slated for Thursday, May 17.

The survey also found 44 percent of U.S. workers think talking American Idol or other TV at work increases office camaraderie with 54 percent of younger workers, aged between 18 and 39, backing this.

That should ease employers' concern about wasted time, said Nancy Halverson, Spherion's vice president of talent management.

"As long as employees aren't belting out tunes from their cubicles, or having heated arguments about their favorite contestants, it's difficult to believe that any harm is done," Halverson said.

But older workers disagree, the survey found.

A majority of those over 65 think TV talk doesn't improve camaraderie, and almost half - 47 percent - said they don't talk about TV during work hours.

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I think this article is kind of funny. My friends and I talk about Greys a lot at work, especially on Fridays. Some of my friends are die hard Mer/Der fans and some love Burke and Cristina. Everyone has a favorite that they are invested in. I have never had that experience before with any television show. Maybe one special episode, but not week after week. We talk about American Idol too. I felt really sorry for Sanjaya tonight. He's only 17 for heavens sake and has dealt with all of this with great dignity. I'm not sure which one I want to win anymore. I love Melinda, but Jordan is getting better every week. I really like Phil, but he has been in the bottom three so many times I can't imagine that he will make it to the finals.


Oh well I guess we can't expect them to win every poll. but they are #1 with this GA fan.


ellen looks pretty in that pic


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