James Sun Confused Over Snub on The Apprentice

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James Sun still isn't sure why he was fired by Donald Trump during the finale of NBC's The Apprentice: Los Angeles, but frankly, his subconscious was telling him he didn't want to work for Trump anyway.

Before Trump fired Sun and hired Stefani Schaffer at the conclusion of Sunday night's live The Apprentice sixth season finale, Trump told him: "I didn't like some of the dialogue... you know what I mean" - a cryptic comment that has confounded both viewers and Sun, the CEO of Zoodango.com, a networking website for business professionals.

"As of right now, I [still] don't know what the heck Donald Trump was referring to with this 'mysterious dialogue.' He looked at me and said, 'You know what I mean,' which confused me even more. I was completely dumbfounded," said Sun in blog entry he penned for Zoodango on Monday.

James Sun
Sun says he kept a 150-page journal of "every single day" of the competition, and, after reviewing it, he counted "only two negative comments to me by Donald Trump," and both came following challenges and weren't particularly harsh.

"These were the only references to direct negative statements from Donald Trump to me during the entire season," wrote Sun. "On the other hand, I can give you at least 23 [journal] references when he gave me praise. Even when I took negative heat in the boardroom, Donald Trump stood up for me and did not fire me. So this throws out the theory that this mysterious dialogue occurred during the actual taping of the season."

Although he acknowledges saying some "negative things" about his competitors, such as Kristine Lefebvre, in his confessional interviews with The Apprentice's producers, Sun also doesn't believe Trump was referring to anything he said in those interviews.

"The reality is that everyone made these kinds of statements," wrote Sun. "The producers ask you all kinds of 'funny' questions that lead you into saying something comical or sarcastic about your competitors... the purpose of this is to make entertaining television. So this throws out the assumption that this mysterious dialogue happened during our personal interviews."

After ruling out the show's tasks, boardroom sessions and his confessional interviews, the 29-year-old Seattle resident thinks Trump might have taken issue with some of the comments he made during a pre-taped personal video the show aired before Trump made his final decision.

"[In the video, I mentioned how] I quit a six-figure job to start my own company and focused on my conviction of why I wanted to be my own boss. I also mentioned how much I enjoy my time with family. Next, I committed the big 'slap on the hand' by answering [a Donald Trump Jr.] question [by noting] that I am the current founder and CEO of Zoodango.com," wrote Sun.

"In the real world, this statement would be 100% okay. But on television -- especially on Donald Trump's show where companies pay millions of dollars for product endorsements -- any reference to a company is treated as an endorsement for promoting the company."

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I've been living in Asia for the last 3 years and this is the first time I've watched the apprentice (via the web). Man, I really really thought you had it. From the beginning, I thought you were doing well, but as soon as you stepped up and took some leadership, you did awesome. At the time, anyone who stepped up to lead and their team lost, they got fired! But you stepped up and really rocked. If you don't know what "he" was referring then I sure don't. Since you have already come out and said "you didn't really want the job", I guess it is too late to ask what was up. Anyway, God bless you and your family.


I was rooting for you from day one and I was right to do so. You clearly are the better candidate for you shone from the very first interview all the way to the final board room. There is no justified reason why you shouldn't have won and I feel that it was due to personal reasons on Trump's side. You won and you made Asians proud!


Even if your mentioning the name of your company was what ticked him off, they didn't have to air tha portion. You were the better candidate....never afraid to make the tough decisions.
I think you're better off without Trump and at least now your company has a little more national recognition.


I agree with Scott G that yes, James Sun, you clearly won the title and prize of Apprentice. Oh, and I wanted to say that you are so good looking.


You were gypped. You didn't lose, Trump made a decision based on nothing. You won the competition, hands down, and I predict will do better than Stefani or any of the others. Let's face it, Carolyn Kepcher was made to be a big executive and when she went outside the box, Trump fired her. Then he went on to say how "she just ran a little golf club of mine". He is such a hypocrite..you don't need that. You won man.....Clearly and decisively