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Previews For All-New "Time After Time"

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Finally. Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday night with an all new episode, entitled "Time After Time." In anticipation of this event - the long-awaited end of repeats for the rest of Season 3 - here's a preview and a bonus clip from the episode.

First, the 30-second version, which shows Meredith and Derek questioning their future together, and Cristina resolving to do whatever it takes to fight for her relationship with Preston - despite her past...


Here's an extended, 90-second clip from the episode, in which more of the tension between George and Izzie is revealed.. as is the shocking arrival of Izzie's daughter arrives at Seattle Grace...


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    can someone plsssssssssss! post the epi 'time after time' on alluc or any other web? in am in UK and i still cant seem to find the epi on any web. ipkk... grrrr... that was me freaking out.


    Does anyone know the name of the actress who played Hannahs adoptive mom?


    It's by Nouvelle Vague (


    Who Sings the song "Dancing With Myself" in this episode Time After Time? I can't seem to find it anywhere.


    people have affairs and cheat people!
    its life.
    get over it.


    Sorry- but the George and Izzy thing is WRONG! Izzy used to be my favorite character - not anymore. She was so mean to Callie after they got married (and who is she to judge, she fell in love with Denny and went crazy) .. and now her and George hook up ?? She is kind of like a wrecking ball - she ruins everything. I wish they would have left it with George and Izzy being friends and George sticking up for his WIFE Callie and trying to work it out!


    George and Izzy have SO much more chemistry than George and Callie. Marrying Callie was a mistake. Yes it's great when a man and woman can be best friends with no sex but when the man has a wife, she gets jealous of the best friend and crap happens. And as far as all the adultery- seems fairly realistic to me. It happens. For you people who think that adding a sick child to the mix is just too "soapy", I figure it's safe to assume you've never spent a day at a children's hospital. Count your blessings. It's not "soapy".
    The fact that Izzy is a match- ok that's unrealistic.


    I wrote one down that says "sometimes the most important history is the history that you are making today."


    Doesn anybody know the Meredith Grey Quote from tonight, about your history...I NEED it


    That was such a wondeful epy! George and Izzie are deffinetly gonna hook up...Does anything think Callie might be pregnant?