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"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

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Our history defines us. Time after time after time. But sometimes the best (and most important) history is right now. So says Meredith Grey, and Thursday's all-new Grey's Anatomy showed how wise she can be.

Check out our episode guide to "Time After Time," and discuss the show with fellow viewers in our forums. How do you feel about Christina and Burke, the battle for Chief, or the drama surrounding Jane Doe (or is it Shannon Marie)? And are George and Izzie falling in love? Let us know what you think.

We've also posted our music guide to the episode, including lyrics from five of the six selections. Our complete song listing also tells you when the song is played. We are underway on our image gallery and list of memorable quotes from Thursday as well. Hope you enjoy!

"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

Hope you enjoyed the show's return as much as we did. We'll have more quotes, pics and content coming throughout the day and weekend.

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I HATE, HATE, HATE!!!! what is happening to Merder. The latest spoiler i just read is freaKING ME OUT! LOTS AND LOTS OF SEASON FINALE CLIFFHANGERS. Shonda said something about mer going back to her dark and twisty self. Why do i have this unsettling feeling that mer will be the one to fail her exams? Seriously, Shonda, i am a postgraduate student with final exams and 15,000 words dissertation on my plate to worry about, so pls dont make me loose the little remaining sanity i have. Please make it right for merder ok, thank you.


good points, Burke Backer! I agree about Richard wanting to protect Mer (and that it is appropriate) and Derek not being able to separate personal and saying that made me remember the scenes where Mer & Der are embracing in the hallway (don't even remember WHY now, but it was fairly innocent) and Richard sees them, then the next scene is the heated conversation between Richard & Derek. Not being able to separate pers / prof is a totally valid reason for Richard to think twice... I hope you're right about Richard - I'd like to see him stay as well. Talk about a plot twist. Take 'em all to the edge (the chief's race) and leave 'em hanging.... And OF COURSE I want a BANG wedding --- still wanna see the mamas, tho!


Lea, me too, and I'll bring the champagne!


something is definately wrong with der's head and to think he is a brain surgeon. I mean does he even need to think for a second b4 he chooses? he knows he is never, i mean NEVER! going to be happy with out mer even if he gets to be chief, so why even bother? i just hope he gets to his senses b4 its too late, there is also the possibility that sloan or burke will get the post even if he dumps mer so why even consider? i am just saying..


This is a very good episode. I am sure Meredith and Derek will be fine, after all and that in the end Burktina will break up, too many hints, as George and Callie.


This was a great episode. I was very excited to see the return of Izzie's daughter, Hannah... when we got a glimpse of Hannah's face at the end, I was like, whoa! She really does have Izzie's eyes! It's cool that they could find a girl for the role of Hannah that really looks like she could be Izzie's daughter. Anyway, this storyline definitely hit home for me, as I am adopted as well. It really gets you thinking about things. Some people ask me if I ever plan to try to track down my biological parents. The idea bumps around in my head sometimes, but it would be pretty difficult (seeing how I have basically no info and I was born in a different country.) I really hope that the Izzie-Hannah storyline doesn't get dropped, and that they do get to meet each other. Katherine Heigl did an amazing job of playing the part, as usual. It was really touching for me. Grey's Anatomy never lets me down :)


Mj, if they get married I will be there to celebrate, : )


Great post, Dixiegirl. Most of what you sounds right to me. The only thing that I disagree with is the entire Chief of Staff thing. I don't think it is wrong of Weber to want to protect Meredith and Derek has never shown that he can separate out what is going on in his personal life from his work at the hospital. What was wrong was promising COS to both Burke and Derek to begin with. It should never have been promised to Burke unless Weber was sure, and it sure should never have been used as a reason to get Derek to Seattle Grace if it was already promised to Burke without first telling Burke that he was no longer the go to person. I actually don't think in the end either Burke or Derek are going to want it. Burke is a different person, a better person, than he was when being COS was his foremost goal. Derek will come to the conclusion that Meredith is more important to him than being COS and that he can't have both and give either the attention they need or deserve. Addison is moving away. Mark is completely wrong for the position and has shown absolutely no leadership skills at all, well at least outside of the bedroom. I think Chief will decide to stay because he has no where else to go and no one perfect to take his place. And, of course because he renewed his contract for more money. LOL


Lea, I really hope you are wrong. I didn't interpret it that way at all. I think she may have been thinking about how shallow Colin really is and that she doesn't want to be that person any more. I liked in the bathroom when she looked at herself in the mirror and then turned and went in to Burke. She can be as cold as ice in surgery and still love Burke and feel worthy of being loved by him. There is absolutely nothing in last weeks episode that led me to believe that they are over or that she will dump him. Think of all the opportunities she has had to walk away from this relationship but in the end always comes back to the fact that she loves him. Even Sandra told Oprah that she believes Cristina really loves Burke and clearly he really loves her to have put up with her craziness for three seasons. Nothing has happened to shake that love. I agree though with the person who said that no matter what happens she hopes it will not be one of those leave someone at the alter scenes that are so trite and overdone. I think they will get married when the dust settles, but it may not be the way we are expecting it.