Ellen Pompeo, Eric Dane to Join Patrick Dempsey at Indianapolis 500

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The Need For Speed
If star gazing is your thing, then the Indianapolis 500 is for you, even if you aren't a big auto racing enthusiast like Patrick Dempsey.

After all, the 500-mile race, set for Sunday, will feature none other than Grey's Anatomy's Dempsey as the pace car driver.

What's more, his co-star and on-screen love, Ellen Pompeo, will be flying in for the big race, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Last week's Greys Anatomy season finale left viewers wondering about Derek and Meredith, but their off-screen friendship must be a little more solid.

Pompeo is engaged to music producer Christopher Ivery, while Patrick is married to wife Jillian, with whom he has three young children.

Another Grey's Anatomy star, Eric Dane, will be among the celebrities walking the red carpet Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Officials at the Speedway released the names of more celebs expected to be in town for the 500-Mile Race - and attending a prerace red carpet walk in Pagoda Plaza.

He'll be joining some other familiar faces, including Ashley Judd, wife of driver Dario Franchitti; Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Dempsey, Pompeo, Dennis Farina, Ray Liotta, Survivor legend Rupert Boneham, Gene Simmons of Kiss and legendary TV mom Florence Henderson.

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I saw this clip from GMA as PD is interviewed. He was so cute answering the questions about GA. He admits that he and Mer had a depressing year and hopes that they get back together. Even though he also says he has no idea what will happen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Hey, sponge...that's awesome!!!Yeah, I heard from a co-worker's husband that worked the race (cop working security) that PD was walking around a lot. I think he must've been pretty excited about driving and all the delays were making everybody crazy.... I don't think EP made it either...or she was extremely low key, I never heard her name mentioned during any of the events. unfortunate for the fans, but wouldn't it be cool if she could just have a fun day supporting a friend? I think it's fun that PD and ED seemed to have such a good time together....the clips of them riding around in the pace car were a lot of fun.


I dont know if she was there but she could have been i mean the only celebrity that was really covered was ashley judd who's husband won the race. And an article said that she was going to watch it from some suite thing they provide so maybe because it was raining she went striaght to the suite. I wanted new EP photo's but!


Wonder if Ellen was there? Like you said, you would have thought you would have seen her with Patrick if she was there! What a shame, would love to have seen PD and EP together!


o and i dont think ellen was there today. cause she wasnt at the "red carpet" thing and i saw pretty much every celebrity there, but didn't see her. i think at least some of the time she woulda been with patrick and eric, cause they were together a lot right before the race, but she wasnt.


i saw PD and ED yesterday at the parade too. and then i got eric dane's autograph today cause my seats were in the best area (between gasoline alley and the area where all the press was going on). so.. i saw patrick about 9480928 times today. he totally blew me off for an autograph though. the race had already started and he was just walking around and he walked by me (there was no one else around) and he saw me and my ticket and sharpie, but ignored me and walked by. but i saw him a TON today, so he might have been slightly creeped out haha. eric on the other hand didnt notice me at first, but when he did he was almost inside the building but motioned me to come back (since i already started walking away) and signed my ticket for me. i wish i got a picture but there was no one around to take it. but that was ok cause he was smiling at me the whole time and hes so adorable!!


He's already been interviewed at the track this morning, as has Eric Dane. PD had on a ball cap, and a Vision Racing jacket over a white polo shirt. Looking good....very up and excited about driving the pace car. Had some very nice things to say about the city.


That is a really cute photo of McDreamy. But i do think his hair is a little too short. I like it a little longer. But still looks seriously dreamy though.


EP wont actually be there till race day apparently. I think thats what ED was also doing but they somehow managed to put him in the parade. But yeah Ellen will be there on the actual race day, she's supposed to be!


The parade will be videotaped for broadcast from 5:30 to 7 p.m. today on ESPN2 and from 8 to 10 p.m. locally on WISH-TV (Channel 8).


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