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Ellen Pompeo, Fiance at Costume Gala

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Just a few pictures of Ellen Pompeo and her fiance, Chris Ivery, at the Costume Institute Gala in New York this week. Click to enlarge!

  • Ellen Pompeo Picture
  • Ellen Pompeo, Fiance at Costume Gala
  • Ellen Pompeo Pic
  • Ellen & Chris Ivery

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woooow she is greeeat but her fiance he is old for her and ugly!


Chris Ivery looks kinda old, don't cha think?


awwww, Ellen looks so pretty! :P
i love her dress!!


Ellen's hair doesn't look good in GA because of Mer's personality, when she is sad she don't do her hair, plus, she is an intern and they wanna make her look tired.


I love Ellen and it's great to see photos of her, but these make me nervous... looks like she's on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction!


why is ellen's hair always looking untidy in GA's when she has very lovely hair in real life. I mean if they can make addison's and callie's hair look perfect all the time why not mer's? just a thought....


I sure like that one better than the kind of grayish one with the circular neck piece (was that at the Emmy's?)...she is a beautiful woman and seems so happy too....


Wow! She's really beautiful and the dress looks hot!


Great dress! It might have been even greater if it was in a different colour, but still, great cut, great dress!


I love the hair, the make-up, the dress, everything, except that she needs some better double-stick tape. The dress is falling down.

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