Is Holly Madison Pregnant?

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Yes, folks, the celebrity gossip mill is in full swing on this one.

Simply based on a photo - seen here - of Hugh Hefner patting the belly of his main girlfriend, Holly Madison, rumors are swirling that she's carrying his child.

Hugh Hearts Holly

A bit presumptive? We think so. But a source told Star Magazine: "Holly's just dying to get pregnant and marry Hef so he can be all hers."

Such a development would certainly upset the other Girls Next Door - and we doubt it's actually the case. But we'll report more on these rumblings as they come in.

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i really think that holly loves hef. i hope she is pregnant with his child. she is so sweet and i think she would make a great mom. i hope kendra and bridget get kicked out so its just holly and heff. i wish the best of luck to both of them, they are adorable together!


I really think that she genuinely cares for Hef "Puffin" ....and I believe the people that are negative are just cynical and are probably unhappy in their own lives! I love you Holly =0) Shanelly & Jenn


she gets on my nerves so bad. she is just DYIIIING to get her nails into his empire. he's got a foot in the grave and she is bloodthirsty.