Isaiah Washington PSA For GLAAD, GLSEN

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Last night, during the repeat of "Six Days," ABC debuted Isaiah Washington's much -anticipated public service announcement on behalf o gay rights groups GLAAD and GLSEN (and tolerance of all humans). Here's the clip.


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I personally feel that the commercial that they made IW do was not fair. Whatever was said (in anger) that first time and the second time,( I feel was just defending himself with a poor choice of words,) was not that big a deal for him to humiliate himself in that commercial. It wasn't worth him discrediting his name and possibly destroying his career. It wasn't nice and he apologized. That should have been it. I was upset when I seen that commercial. When he checked in to get some help it should have been for anger management alone, not for the gay slur. It was not that big a deal and TR should stop playing the victim, AND his best friend! I also feel he should get some kind of raise like the rest of them. If they feel like that's a punishment for him not to get alot more, than fine, but he works hard, maybe even harder, as the rest of them. His story line keeps the fans tuned in. I was reading the forum and people are crazy about Dr Preston Burke. The show will lose half it's audience if he leaves. I love Burke and Yang!


I certainly hope not, Justin. He is a brilliant actor who has never spewed as much hatred, even during the original argument, as you do each time you write about him. He made an error in judgment, as you say. We all do from time to time. He is human. He's trying to make amends and we should be supporting that. I don't think his career has crashed and burned, but I do think it has taken a heavy hit and I am very hopeful that his actions will speak louder than his words in the upcoming months and he will redeem himself. The PSA is one step in that direction. It has been an embarrassing and stressful time for him. He knows he screwed up, but what more can he do than apologize and try to move on. I wish you would be able to do that too.


What a pile of sh@t!!!!!!!!!! He is so full of it and obviously just clammering to try to cover up his error in judgement of letting his true colours show! This guy's star has crashed and burned and he needs to realize that and get a job sweeping the streets.


Words of wisdom Burke Backer in french we would say "prenez en de la graine" (take some seeds from this)


Thank you Burke Backer you never fail to amaze me with your words. You are always clear and to the point. I do hope to see Isaiah back this fall it would be awful to see him gone.


WE LOVE DR. BURKE. OR RATHER, WE LOVE ISAIAH WASHINGTON! Beautiful man, beautiful actor, what would "Grey's" be without Burke?


Burke Backer, you put into words what I couldn't. Very well put. Isaiah Washington isn't in this for the publicity. He apologized, and I think that this whole situation needs to be put to rest. I hope everyone can move on & hopefully Grey's will return to being the TV Show we all love. I'd love to see Isaiah Washington back next year & I can't imagine the show without Dr. Burke. I love Burke & Cristina together, hopefully they can get back together & start over.


I agree, Mr. Washington is a man of his word, and he sat down with GLAAD and told them that he would do whatever needed to be done to heal what's been done, and once again he followed through, and I admire him for that. I even read somewhere that Katherine Heigel forgave him, not exactly sure for what but it was nice to hear those words from her. I just hope and pray that he continues on the show, and that he and Cristina continue to work through their relationship, even if it's means starting over for them. They are so great together, and I love watching IW and SO scenes together. I wouldn't have a reason to watch if I knew they wouldn't be able to make their way back to each other.


Well said BurkeBacker. It's foolish to think he wouldn't face fallout from his error, but it also doesn't mean he's self-serving right now. The man has proven himself a good person in life, making this incident - while terrible - an anomaly. I believe his remorse to be genuine, and think his fellow cast members agree (even the candid Katherine Heigl) and want to move on. All the speculation as to his departure is expected, given what happened, but you can't put too much stock in it. After all, wouldn't he have been dismissed after the incident if it were going to happen at all? I think this fine actor will be back next season and (obviously) the show will be better for it.


After the Golden Globes when Isaiah issued his heartfelt apology and met with the representatives of GLAAD he was asked to be a part of the solution to the problem of using hurtful language by appearing in this public service announcement. He agreed and honored that commitment to GLAAD. I believe it was extremely well done. Isaiah has not talked publically about this incident at all since his written apology right after the Golden Globes. Even when pressed by unscrupulous reporters like those from TMZ who trail after him and try to get a reaction, he has remained composed and nonconfrontational. As a fan, I am very proud of Isaiah. He made a mistake. He apologized (according to James Pickens and Patrick Dempsey as well as Isaiah). It would have been much easier to just not be associated with anything to do with the gay community so that the hateful reaction to what I honestly believe was a word spoken in anger that he regretted immediately would die down. I also believe that his remorse was over hurting TR Knight's feelings and not self serving because, according to people who actually know him, he is a good and decent person who does not deserve the negative media attention that he has received, thus his NAACP Image Award win in both 2006 and 2007. Therefore, he chose to honor his commitment. I do agree with Jackie that it is time for everyone involved to just let it drop, but Isaiah is not the one trying to keep it in the news. Instead, he is currently in Sierra Leone trying to do something positivie to control malaria in his country of origin. I sincerely hope that ABC and the fans of Greys Anatomy can quit overreacting to speculation about what actually happened back in October and that Dr. Burke will be back next season to try to repair his relationship with Cristina Yang.

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