Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag: Still in Love, in Search of Publicity

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The Hills: Ample, Supple, Ripe
What did Reality TV Scoop tell you.

It's not like you needed a crystal ball to see this coming, but our staff is nonetheless quite clairvoyant.

When we reported the surprise engagement of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt a few afternoons ago (on May 24, to be exact) we predicted that nauseating, loving pics of the newlyweds-to-be would surface any second.

We were pretty much on the nose.

Spencer Pratt has proven to be a master of coordinating "spontaneous" photo shoots of himself and Heidi acting super cute, preferably play-fighting and smiling ear-to-ear while wearing bathing suits.

Convenient, since they show off Heidi Montag's ample new chest.

Truly, those fake boobs are something else - but the onslaught of staged photos of slimy Spencer macking on her makes us sick to our collective stomach.

Here's the latest "candid" photo gallery featuring the controversial couple from MTV's smash reality TV hit, The Hills ...

Spencer Pratt Takes Heidi Montag Higher
Heidi and Spencer: Engaged, Disgusting
Spencer Pratt is the Mac Daddy

No word on whether Lauren Conrad has texted them her congratulations yet, but our guess is she's too ill to even clasp her beloved Blackberry.

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hey heidi you should not marry spencer because of that stuff that he did your best friend lauran Conrad and i really want u too to be friends again........


Unbelivable killer body on that girl !! A 10 !


spencer is ugly. he should go die. heidi deserves better


Who goes into a boutique that sells everything from jewelry to Tylenol to buy an engagement ring?? FAKE!! Also didn't Heidi watch the show when it aired and saw how he was lying to her @ Audrina, the "Playmates" and all the other stuff he lied to her about??I also think that he is jealous of Lauren b/c her and Heidi had a good relationship and noone likes him and also the fact that Lauren is the star of the show and it was created 4 her and revolves around her. Heidi just played roomate and friend.


I agree Spencer is just using Heidi to get on T.V. b/c his "Show" with Brody was never picked up. He knew that if he could get with one of the Hills Girls that he would definately get some camera action. 1st it was Audrina and Heidi just to see who he could get with quicker and get on the show. Then he realized that Heidi was an easier target and he could manipulate so he stuk with her. I mean who goes and sets up a camera crew to purpose?? That's supposed 2 b private. And when the show is over if he doesn't try to do a spin off @ Heidi & him getting married. When he 1st came on he was actin like he was a "playa" now that Hills got another season he wants to be all faithful and loyal. Come on. And why doesn't Heidi see it. He kept urging Heidi tomove in w/ him b/c he knew there would be a camera on her also. And he was affraid Lauren would find out what he was doin' and break it to Heidi. He's bainwashed her. Everyone else sees him 4 who he is why not her???


Heidi, you are so much prettier than lauren. Spencer is a great guy and is an awesome person to spend the rest of your life with. Keep truckin'


For "Luba" aren't you just hating too, like the rest of us by calling all of these lovely ladies / gentilmen that post here "illiterate hater bitches" ? now i'm not too fond of Speidi, but they're happy for the moment so i'm not spoiling that.


ew. spencer is one ugly boy with his gold chain around his neck. heidi lost alot respect when she became a couple with him. good luck to thier marriage. who can bet how long it will last? but who knows, it could. who would want to be with that ugly controlling loser?


i think that lauren should forget about what heidi and spencer are doing and she should have fun with her new roomate!


heidi is a mean person she is brain washed! she needs help so has no friends now bc of what she does!