Fashion Face-Off: Ellen Pompeo vs. Celine Dion

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We're used to seeing her in scrubs. But Ellen Pompeo cleans up nicely.

Seen here, the actress that portrays our favorite title character is wearing the same satin dress as Celine Dion. Oops!

Celine vs. Ellen

You tell us: Who wears it better?

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It's one of those dresses that only the fashionistas get I guess. EP looks better just because she is one of those people in my opinion who look great no matter what.


I really like Ellen, though I say Celine wore it better.


that is by far the most hideous dress ever, ellen always is wearing ugly shit


Kinda ugly.. but Celine looks much better. the necklace and black make it a little less hideous.


uglyyyy...not their faces but their dresses. p.s. random article greysinsider


Definately Ellen
This style is sooo in right now. Its all over europe. I find it more appealing on ellen, her face hair no black belt... alltogether looks a lot better on Ellen Pompeo.


i hate it on both of them -- ugly dress


Both ellen and celine look great. I love ellen's hair style and i think it goes with the dress. On the other hand, the touch of black celine added is also nice.


I don't know it just looks like a bunched up mess to me. Celine's just appears it fit's better on her. But that's why I don't have a job in fashion most of it makes no sense to me. In my opinion Ellen always looks better in outfits that cling to her more and she always looks great in a pair of jeans.


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