Hayden Panettiere: Bad Girl To Be?

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We mostly know Hayden Panettiere as the actress that plays Claire Bennet; lonely, innocent, hopeful. Claire just wants to be accepted.

But the actual Hayden? We don't know this 17-year old personally, but certain stories and photos are leading some to believe that this could be the next Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, troubled young stars that spend more time at clubs than charity functions.

We don't wanna base too much off a few pictures, of course, but the ones below - including a shot with co-star Adrian Pasdar - are showcasing this youth at her rebellious best... 

Smack That Backside!
Nice Paint Job
Hayden Panettiere, Cowgirl
Adrian and Hayden

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Dear Hello my name is Said and you are very buttiful woman Please send for me afew photo full sexul of yourself


Hey Sam Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know that there are still people out there with respect and common sense


umm your riding her nuts pretty hard, shes nothing like those
over played coked up bitches...plus she is naturally beautiful
unlike some "stars" mentioned above.


wtf leave her alone every1 has there moments shez a great actress n a great role model


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