How Katherine Heigl Stays in Shape

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Workout Fanatic
Before filming her new movie, Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl hated working out.

But since meeting Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak, the actress raves, "I'm in the best shape I've ever been in."

Still, Heigl, one of People's 100 most beautiful in 2007, didn't get there without putting up a fight. She admits:

"I hate dieting. I hate the whole thing!"

A revealing love scene in Knocked Up gave her the motivation to hit the gym with L.A. trainer Pasternak, who is known for his intense, time-efficient workouts.

"Katherine Heigl had a beautiful body, but it had never been toned," Pasternak, who has worked with many celebrities, including Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow, says.

The Grey's Anatomy star, 28, met with him for cardio and circuit-training sessions of 25 to 50 minutes, up to five times a week for six weeks prior to shooting the Judd Apatow comedy.

On-set, she'd jump rope or lift dumbbells outside her trailer during breaks in the action. All the while, she ate Pasternak's 5-Factor Diet, which requires five high-protein, high-fiber meals a day.

Even with a scheduled weekly "cheat day," says Pasternak, Katherine Heigl soon looked "tighter and more toned."

As for the former gym-hater, Katherine Heigl says now, a year after filming, she still works out regularly. "I used to have back pain. Suddenly, my body is supporting itself the way it's supposed to," she says.

"I wake up and I go, 'My god, I can't believe this is my body!'"

A typical Workout for Katherine Heigl:

  • 5 minutes of jump-roping, jogging, or stair-climbing for a cardio warm-up.
  • A circuit of 4 sets each of the following:
  • 25 dumbbell flies
  • 25 lunges
  • 25 low-body crunches
  • 5-25 minutes of cardio running, elliptical training, stair-climbing or biking, with the last five minutes working as a cool-down period.

A sample of her daily meals:

  • Breakfast: French toast with ricotta pillows
  • Mid-morning snack: A mixed-berry shake
  • Lunch: TexMex salad with chicken and black beans
  • Afternoon snack: Hummus crudite
  • Dinner: Sea Bass with brown rice and edamame

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She was perfectly, ever. But workout is good to be neurotransmissors active and it's turn life better. Good for her, good for us.


Spoonk, it may suck, but it comes with the territory! Harsh comments will appear from time to time, and if you don't agree with them, then post a countercomment! That's what a debate is all about! As long as it is constructive and respectful, a debate with different opinions is always welcomed!


dude, I'm glad I'm not an actress... what a life :o


There always seems to be someone bashed on Grey's Anatomy for something. It is almost a regular part of the routine anymore. Katie has the right to do what she does as much as the person has the right to his opinion. I guess life would be boring if everyone thought the same.


I agree, the comment by Seriously was a bit harsh. I don't agree with Huh's use of the English language. Quite frankly, you should be embarrassed. Do you not read what you are going to post? If you are going to bash someone else's comment, at least use proper grammar or spell check. You should not be given a break for that. As far as Katherine Heigl's workout and meal plan, I use a similar one and if you stick to it, it does work.


Man, it's so sad to see some so mean to others when in fact they didn't do anything wrong. Her workout plan is actually quite simple, and I done it myself while playing for sports. It does great tonage, and Katherine has great tonage. In her pictures at NYC last week you can see the tonage of her arms. Just amazing, and the meals looks simple enough. I really don't see it as "full of herself" because she is help promoting her trainer's book that has been released recently. Access Hollywood was also marketing..I think two weeks ago. Since she is a client of her trainer, and she has a hit move and show it is only logical she helps the workout/eating plan that was given to her. Give the poor girl a break :(.


seriously! katie's sample of daily meals and her workout! give me a break! she is so full of her self. GOD!


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