Isaiah Washington: Truly Angry, Contemplating Lawsuit

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Isaiah Washington wasn't joking when - in response to being axed from Grey's Anatomy yesterday - he issued the Network-inspired statement: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

In an exclusive interview, the actor's spokesperson, Howard Bragman, told TV Guide that "Isaiah really is angry."

An Angry Isaiah
Particularly mystifying to the star is the timing of his ouster: months after he revived the F-word controversy by repeating the slur backstage at the Golden Globes.

"If they wanted to fire him," Bragman asks, "why didn't they fire him when [the incident] happened? Why did they say, 'Here's what you need to do if you want to come back… ' and then, when he did everything that was asked of him, he still gets fired. Why do you treat somebody like that?

"If you made a mistake, you acknowledged the mistake, you went into counseling, you met with the groups, you did the PSA, you did everything that was asked of you, and then they still kick you in the gut? How would you feel?"

While Bragman says there was no formal agreement with ABC that if Washington did X, Y and Z he could keep his job, "there was a discussion and it was agreed upon that this is what needs to be done to come back, and he did everything...And, in fact, we were the ones that pushed for the PSA."

Although Bragman won't rule out Washington taking possible legal action against ABC, he adds, "It would be premature to speculate. We have time to discuss that."

(A rep for ABC studios declined to comment on a potential lawsuit, but a studio executive with knowledge of the TV biz says producers have the legal right to not pick up an actor's option â€" with or without cause.)

Might Washington, who is currently shooting the independent movie The Least of These in Los Angeles, make a brief return to Grey's to tie up Burke's loose ends? "That would be a question for ABC," Bragman says. "I certainly can't imagine they would tell him they're not renewing his contract and then ask him to come back and clean things up."

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That's jacked! So what if he called a faggot a faggot? Isaiah Washington is a real man who told it like it is. I hope he bankrupts ABC and Rosie O'Faggot and all of her faggot friends crawl back in the the primordial sludge they crawled out of.


I watched seasons 1&2 again last night. He is such a great actor !! It's such a waste. He did sthg wrong but then he apologized, went to a rehab... He must suffer from another kind of rejection that is even stronger than homophobia in the USA: racism against african American.
Moreover, we don't know the circonstances, the tensions that were on the plot when he insulted TR Knight. He lost his nerves.
But he does not deserve to be fired after such a desastrous season which is not his fault but the writers'!!!


It is more of a workplace issue now rather than IW saying a homophobic slur. I think the people from ABC realized that his presence on the set is more of a liability. I'm pretty sure they reconize the character of Burke as something important in the show and it must have been the reason for the delay in the decision of sacking him. I'm glad that they did. It's been long overdue.


I'm sad! And it's just so weird for him to disappear like that! I hope that he goes back to clean things up, even if he is pissed, but it seems doubtful that he would do that.


i think everyone has been way too harsh on washington. he made a mistake, and tried to make it better, then had everyone bitching bout him. it wasnt fair, and i cnt imagine grey's without him =[


this guy did all those things just to keep his job..just like i said all along. he was never sincere. Now a lawsuit...give me a break...this guy is a loose cannon.


The fact that he did all that stuff JUST to come back and keep his job shows me he only did it for that reason not because he was sorry but just for his job!! I dont care for Burke so i dont care he's gone!! But i hope IW finds some work, he's a good actor!


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