Isaiah Washington Will Not Be Returning to Grey's Anatomy

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The speculation is over: After a controversial season, Isaiah Washington will not be returning to Grey's Anatomy, his rep and ABC Television Studio have confirmed.

No More Dr. Burke Howard Bragman, Washington's publicist, says Washington's option was not renewed, and released this statement from the actor: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."

The quote is a reference to the 1976 film Network, but we doubt the actor was joking around. We also can't imagine what he means, however.

The cast was notified Thursday night of the final decision, which, says a source close to the situation, was a long time coming. In the end, the source says, Washington's behavior made him a liability.

As Grey's Anatomy followers know, rumors ran rampant following the season finale â€" during which Washington's character, Dr. Preston Burke, broke up with his fiancée, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), and moved out of their apartment â€" that Washington would not be returning.

The actor first came under fire last fall after getting into an altercation with Patrick Dempsey, during which he allegedly referred to castmate T.R. Knight with a homophobic slur.

Washington later apologized, checked into rehab, met with gay leaders and recently released a PSA decrying the use of hate speech.

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I personally think that season 4 will be really good simply because; Shonda and her team are obviously not stupid, they have already seen, heard and read some if not all the public and fans reactions. I am guessing they have also come to realize what has gone wrong so far with their once upon a time classic writing. Therefore, something tells me they are definately not just going to sit there and do nothing especially when so many fans are threathing to stop watching while some have already lost interest. As for Burke character, yes GA is not going to be the same without him, however, people will get used to it. Just two things though, if by any chance Shonda let something happens btw der and lexie, many fans me included will be very very upset and secondly, STOP THE GIZZIE storyline, it just doenst seem right.


Very well put, Belgian Grey! I totally agree!


Most of these comments are silly. Get a life people.
He served his purpose on the show. Where was his character going to go in season 4? They should also get rid of T.R. I don't really think the show has much of a future because the writers have screwed up the show so bad it's hard to see how it works next season. I saw nothing in the preview for season 4 to make me want to watch.


Well my passion for GA is dead and gone. I won(t buy season 3 because I was not such a great fan anymore but this is really too much. ABC is a bunch of hypocrits that's for sure I hope GA won't win any awards anymore with that show. They have no respect for the fans since by doing this they will loose a lot of viewers and destroy the others actor's future they all we go back where they were. In France S3 is not a success anymore doesn't that say a lot? African American actors who are successfull are not welcome and anything you can find to break their career. If this isn't racism. The gay community should react to defend IW. Bye bye GA thanks for 2 good seasons.


Beautifully Presented Steve..Thank You.


Beautifully Presented Steve..Thank You.


Really, I heard the same thing about KH fighting with castmate, particularly PD. In fact, I heard on one of the entertainment show, that she told him "f**k you".


Really, I heard the same thing about KH.


really? last time i checked it was spelled WILL


I heard Isaiah faught with his cast members a lot.

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