Katherine Heigl: The Girl of Summer

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On the exterior, Katherine Heigl looks like a perfectly manicured poolside goddess. She's tan, she's fit, she's beautiful, she's blonde - and will you check out that engagement rock on her finger?

But don't be fooled. This 28-year-old actress knows how to get down and dirty. Glamour sat down with the star on the eve of her movie breakthrough to talk about her fearless ride to the top.

Beautiful Katherine Heigl
GLAMOUR: Now you're starring in Knocked Up with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, as a woman who gets pregnant after a one-night stand. What was it like to work with those funny guys?

Katherine Heigl: Oh, it was the best experience. I constantly had to be on my toes, because some of the scenes were improvised and the stuff they came up with was so outrageous. In one scene, I got into a fight with [Rogen] about the way my body was changing. He said something like, "Don't worry, we'll pay for vaginal reconstruction." That's what came out of his mouth, unscripted!

GLAMOUR: Was it weird to feel pregnant?

Katherine Heigl: No, because the prosthetic belly felt so fake. Plus, my character in Knocked Up was a super-in-shape reporter, so I had to lose 10 pounds for the role. When I do get pregnant, I highly doubt I'll be one of those women who don't look pregnant from behind â€" I'll look pregnant from the ankles up!

GLAMOUR: Was it hard to lose weight for a role?

Katherine Heigl
: It was awful! I remember once reading an article about Jessica Alba â€" the most beautiful, most in-shape person alive â€" and how committed she was to her regimen. And I thought, There's no way in hell that will ever be me. I can't eat only fish and vegetables or work out seven days a week. Then suddenly I was that person and I was shocked. But I could never maintain it. I like food too much!

GLAMOUR: You seem to have a very healthy attitude toward your body. Do you own a scale?

Katherine Heigl: No, because it can make you kind of crazy. I used to weigh myself every day at a certain time of day. Then I would write down the number and measure my body fat. It wasn't a healthy way to live. Now I can tell if I've gained or lost weight just by the way my clothes are fitting. But it's tempting to buy a scale, because I'd love to know what I weigh. Whatever. I just lie and say 120. [Laughs]

GLAMOUR: How do you ignore all the messages in Hollywood to stay rail-thin?

Katherine Heigl: When I see some of the people who are glorified in magazines these days â€" who are so thin it's bordering on sickness â€" I just feel exhausted. I would hate to think that young girls in high schools across America think that's what they're supposed to look like.

GLAMOUR: Who do you think has a healthy-looking body?

Katherine Heigl: Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry are both in amazing shape. They look phenomenal but they don't look sick. Then there's Kate Winslet. She's confident, beautiful, talented and sexy and she owns it. Early in my career, I read an interview she gave about how the industry wanted her to lose weight; she basically gave them the finger and said no. I remember thinking, I can do that too. I don't have to look like one of these genetically superior people in order to work.

GLAMOUR: Your fiancé is Josh Kelley. The two of you met when you starred in the video for his song, "Only You." How quickly did you know he was the one for you?

Katherine Heigl: We definitely had chemistry at first sight. In the beginning, I was a little intimidated because I thought I was more into him than he was into me. But I was tired of games, tired of playing it cool, tired of trying to remain in control of my relationships. So I was honest about how I felt, he was honest right back, and within a month and a half I was completely in love with this guy.

GLAMOUR: Do you ever have to deal with groupies?

Katherine Heigl: Yes, and I don't particularly like it. About a year ago I called him on his tour bus and heard giggling voices in the background. After that I said, "No more girls on the bus." If the boys in the band want to meet girls they can go to a local bar.

GLAMOUR: Don't the other guys in the band ever say, "Hey, we want to have girls on the bus â€" what's the problem?"

Katherine Heigl: [Laughs.] They'll get over it.

GLAMOUR: What do you and Josh tend to fight about?

Katherine Heigl: Stupid stuff. I'll call him on tour and say, "When should I expect you?" And he'll say, "I'll check that out." Two days before he's supposed to arrive I'll say, "Do you know yet?" And he'll say, "No, I haven't gotten that e-mail yet." And I'm like, "Oh my God â€" figure it out!" But what's wonderful about our relationship is that when it comes to the bigger things, like values, we see very eye-to-eye.

GLAMOUR: Let's talk about your childhood. You were raised Mormon; do you still practice the religion?

Katherine Heigl: Not to the extent I did growing up â€" I'm having a glass of white wine right now; that's not exactly being a good Mormon! But I am really supportive of the Mormon church and so profoundly grateful for the childhood I had. It's hard work to grow and change and be honest with yourself about your mistakes, and I think the Mormons handle that beautifully. The faith I grew up with has influenced every decision I've made in my life â€" well, except for the bad ones! [Laughs]

GLAMOUR: So would you raise your kids in the religion?

Katherine Heigl: I haven't decided yet. I've always thought I would raise them Mormon because I had such a wonderful childhood. In today's world you look around and the decisions 14-year-olds are making about sex just horrify me: I wasn't thinking about any of that as a kid. So I'd like to give my children the same sense of security and ease.

GLAMOUR: But your childhood wasn't all rosy: When you were seven, your teenage brother, Jason, was killed in a car accident. How does that still affect you today?

Katherine Heigl: I think about what our lives would be like now if he were still alive: what he'd be doing, where he'd be living, whether I'd see him often, whether he'd have kids. These are the things you think about when someone dies â€" all the potential that never was. It stays with you forever.

GLAMOUR: Your parents donated his organs and you're a spokeswoman for organ donation.

Katherine Heigl: I'm sure it's the last thing my parents were thinking about when my brother was on life support, but my mother [Nancy Heigl] stated it beautifully at the time. She said, "If I can spare another mother what I'm going through, then [donating his organs] is the most important thing I can do in Jason's memory." It's phenomenal when you meet someone whose life was saved because someone made that choice.

NOTE: [For more information on how to become an organ donor, please visit shareyourlife.org]

GLAMOUR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Katherine Heigl: I hope to have children and the sort of family traditions where we eat together every night. But my career is also super important to me. I don't think I could ever be a stay-at-home mom. So I'll have to find a way to combine the two in a healthy and productive way. Joshua will be an amazing father, so I won't have to do it alone. Most importantly, I don't want life to spin by so fast I can't hold onto it, or remember it, or enjoy it. Because I'm loving life right now.

GLAMOUR: So you've had a pretty crazy year at Grey's Anatomy. What prompted you to chastise Isaiah Washington?

Katherine Heigl: At the time, I was a girl whose best friend had been hurt. I was mad, I'd had a glass or two of champagne, and an interviewer asked me about it. Later, when I watched it on the news, I thought, I'm totally going to get in trouble for this. I knew I wasn't playing the political game â€" the network wants us to promote a healthy, happy environment, and I'm usually all for that â€" but that particular incident really infuriated me, and I couldn't hold my tongue. I think it's pathetic there's still so much bigotry in 2007, and I would speak out again if the situation arose.

GLAMOUR: How did people react to your statement?

Katherine Heigl: There was so much encouragement, so much gratitude. The man who designed my engagement ring, Ryan, and his partner, Ken, wrote me a letter thanking me for standing up for them. And when I read that letter I realized the issue was larger than what happened to T.R. Knight, and I started to understand how very alone so many people have felt.

GLAMOUR: Isaiah Washington basically received a slap on the wrist; he went to rehab for a month. Do you feel he should have been treated more harshly, like Don Imus was?

Katherine Heigl: People make mistakes â€" they say things they shouldn't have or didn't necessarily mean. But I believe in consequences. If there are none, someone might feel like they've gotten away with something, or that what they said couldn't have been that bad. Those female basketball players needed the community and this country's support more than Don Imus did. The same goes for my feelings about T.R. Knight.

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A smoker cannot promote organ donation awareness ? She's a heavy smoker yes not a good lung in there but organs include the heart, brain, eye, stomach, spleen, bones, pancreas, kidneys, liver, intestines, skin, uterus, and bladder.


Am I the only one who finds it really odd when people who chain smoke are advocates of organ donation?


Esther, how can you actually say you don't yell at people when I have a exact quote from you doing so: "SELF RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE!" See people use exclamation points when they shout. And just because you work in some business deal doesn't make you right. You work in your own place, and you have no idea what happened behind closed doors in Knocked Up. You have no idea what occured there. You are assuming once again due to your biased, hatred of a fellow human being. Did you see movie Knocked Up in the first place? Because F word is not a joke in the movie as the two previous posters said. It is shown in a very bad light to the point a character apologizes for her behavior. It's used only twice in the film not not several times. For someone who is suppose to be well-educated you are not showing her knowledge of facts yet again, and do not know the context that word was used in the film. Which is why many people believe it was kept in due to making the character look poorly. Your fishing in a pond with no fish due to your intense hatred. Also, using the actresses looks as a put down is really pathetic. On people you don't even know. And for the record you insulted everyone who disagreed with you first, and as I recall just because you well educated and are in certain aspects of the business doesn't give you the right to assume of me and other celebs. You are making assumptions right and left, and again not acknowledging why the word was used in the film. You seriously need to self-evaulate how you treat people with a different opinion.


An Ellen Patrick movie! that would be cool. They click together, its soo natural. And I saw Moonlight mile for Ellen and life of the party.. she is really good. You have to see her in other roles to know how good she is. I mena I love her in GA, She totally brought meredeth to life. Regardong KH, I always liked her on the GA ... but since recent months, it seems to me KH is the one stirring trouble on the GA set. Her thoughts about wanting to be paid same as the stars of the show (ED AND PD) is a bit too much. And her comments about the spin off, that it should have been hers... i think she's pushing it a bit too far. She's a good actress, really good and funny and all, but she should take it easy, everyone gets their chance when they do a good job the way their cast has been doing.


Esther, get a life. As in IT DOESN'T MATTER. You are not part of the Grey's Anatomy cast so why do you need to bash KH?


Esther, are you IW?


OMG!!! PD and EP? where? when? i need more information or any link pertaining that news!


Hmm i am not going to say anything or make judgements on the above comments, however i have a question for Esther, since you are working in the entertainment business, is it true that PD and EP are doing any film together? i had the rumor but i am not sure if its true. Pls say yes and make my entire summer a happy one!


Frankly speaking this is North America the last time I looked. We are all entitled to our opinions...for you to bash me for my strong opinions and then tell me I am biased, full of hate and bashing you, frankly that's insulting. In order to for you to make such statements, you yourself need to define what respectfully disagreements are but if you become personal...telling me to take a chill pill, infuriated by my post, take a perspective, that I should be ashamed...etc., and to think I wouldn't respond - that is insulting. Read your posts. This isn't a debate you all thought you can censor me by telling me how to behave because I am not a KH fan. I qualified from the first line...I am not a fan of KH and I stated why. Let me reiterate...here is why I am not a fan of KH...and by the way, neither do I yell at people, I use capital letters and exclamation points to emphasize my point, I will refrain from using capitals so you won't feel like I'm trying to intimidate you in anyway. Like IW, KH had diarhea of the mouth. For anyone to think that she will come out of this unscathe after her comments, stance and posing by those who watched in dismay all the play by play from October to now. Then boom her movie is about to drop - do you think that contriteness and a simple sorry will "fix" it for her, you are insulting your own intelligence. Read all the posts connected to her...please my opinion is but one and mild in comparison to others. For you to assume that I am a backwater fish, unschooled and unread and full of hate and biase...that just makes an ass out of you unfortunately not me. I know who I'm dealing with. To Wow...that you "like KH due to her looks...", it was a valid question. There was no assumption there...I asked if you are influenced in giving KH the benefit of the doubt of her contriteness and about face on this debacle because she is good looking (comprehensive research says - good looking people can get away with murder)...and you have intimated that you certainly don't know her personally so you're not a personal friend and neither do I - that you are just a fan - so I asked the question what influences you. Most of us have formed an opinion on KH...not solely based on her magazine interviews and AP news releases but also on her live interviews and her actions...here is where you can see a person's soul, morals and ethics it is unscripted it is just her. I have seen her many faces depending on what suits the situation. For Well...Sandra Oh...dude you need to get you facts straight about her. There are oodles of write up about her...you may have missed a few start reading...including the fact that she has been acting since she was a 11 years old and the number of accolades and awards she has won. KH 13 or 14 years old I think. KH cannot move far enough away from Sandra Oh's intimidating shadow before you stop seeing the genius that is Sandra Oh. Even KH says she doesn't aspire for an Academy Award because she knows she doesn't have the acting chops to compete. Was Sandra Oh nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar...I'm not sure, I will have to check on that. Let's not compare...I know who will win on all fronts. I hold no actor or actress on a pedestal ergo my opinion about KH. "If you say your a Sandra Oh fan, then great then why don't you follow her example of "no comment"." No one asked me about KH...I am telling you what I think of her. Two different ideas. I hold no grudges, I have found that I don't like KH...she epitomizes the double speak of Hollywood - it is ok to crucify IW for using the "f-word" but as long as the movie makes money who cares that it was used several times in the movie as long as it was used in the proper context and the person who used it suffered, JUST DON'T USE IT, eradicate the word. I would like to believe her but she hasn't illustrated differently. She is in a position of influence...pick her battles not do battle and when she is on the red carpet, she should step lightly and walk with a well paid PR agent. Just don't assume that you know me. I am educated, well read, fair and very opinionated person. I worked in the entertainment business for 10 years...now I work in a financial institution that create the funds for big budget movies. I know what I speak of that is the bottom line.


esther is lameeee =P.. katherine heigl is awesome.. don't hate =)


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