Rob Mariano Announces Reality TV Show Plans

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Although it doesn't appear to have a broadcast network yet, Rob Mariano has pulled the wraps off the new reality project he first began teasing in March.

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According to Reality TV World, Mariano has announced he will serve as the host of Tontine, a new reality competition show that will award one contestant with "the biggest cash prize in the history of reality television - $10 million."

The oddly named show will follow 15 contestants, each of which is given "a special key" that unlocks a portion of the $10 million grand prize. Over the course of 100 days, the cast will be put through a series of mental and physical challenges with the possession of the keys constantly up for grabs. The series will conclude when only one contestant remains with all 15 keys in his or her possession, allowing him/her to unlock the $10 million prize.

"I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you certain things about it," Mariano said. "It's a competition reality show that will last over 100 days on all seven continents of the world. [It's going to be] bigger than Survivor, bigger than The Amazing Race."

The show's format is based on its namesake - "tontine" - an annuity scheme in which a group of individuals share a common fund, with the money being awarded to the person who survives the longest, or in this case makes it to the end of the competition.

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I like this idea and think Boston Rob is the perfect person to pull it off. I also like the idea if Jeff Probst retires, Boston
Rob would be a perfect replacement.


It's just 10 MILLION DOLLARS guys......nothing worth sacrificing your life to be pretty much set for life if you are smart and don't blow it all in the first year. ARE YOU NUTS? It may not be worth it to you, since you probably don't watch TV very much and when you do, just re-runs of Gilligan's Island, but most of us would go all out trying to win 10 million dollars. Do you REALLY think a TV show is going to risk liability by putting these contestants in really really dangerous positions? I doubt it. It's being trumped up that way, but I doubt it's going to be that risky. That's not to say it's going to be easy. Survivor is pretty Gruelling, but they have medical staff there, and all kinds of precautions built in to keep the contestants safe.


now will everyone just leave me alone


wheres my 10 million dollars


I think this is the worst idea ever. Its just TV guys, nothing near worth sacrificing your entire life for.