Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery Pictures From Fashion Show in France

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Leading lady Ellen Pompeo daringly pulled off a one-shouldered dress from the Christian Dior Fall 2007 collection Monday at John Galliano's Haute-Couture Fall-Winter 2008 collection presentation held at ‘l Orangerie' of the Versailles Castle near Paris, France.

The Grey's Anatomy star finished off her look with a pair of Christian Louboutin slingbacks and her main man, music producer fiance Chris Ivery.

Beautiful Ellen Pompeo
Pompeo and Ivery

As always, we're glad to see news and pictures of Ellen Pompeo. Click here for another photo of Ellen and Chris. What do you think of her outfit?

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Perfect work!


Beautiful site!




Well both Demsey and Pompeo look good in pictures by themselves, there's still that sparkle in their eyes and that glow, so together is no big deal. I always think ppl get carried away when it comes to tv characters, always judging them by the personalities they portray, please grow up for those who do that. Also, i bet if alot of ppl took pictures of themselves and their significant other, you wont see this "chemistry", you would just see two ppl there, with eachother being happy, that doesnt mean you have to dump your man or woman for someone you think will make you look like a couple. I dont think the other person who mentioned that ppl were acting as if they wanted these characters or ppl "in real life" to dump their lover, family for eachother is telling a lie, look at your own comments and you pretty much see it, i dont get mix up with stars and their personal life if they have one with someone else, but i care how they are in their personal life than on tv, whats the true them and love of their life, it's like ppl living in a fantasy world. Originally i wanted Dempsey and his wife to work out when she first came in the picture because unlike many even though its tv i still like to see a husband and wife together, not a lover, anyone in that position would want that if they were the wife, i never cared for ppl that were the other woman/man. I dont fancy T.R Knight's character,....never did, there's really no use for him, but i not a "die hard fan" of Grey's like so many, i watch it when ready, so i'm not obssessed in another soap opera type show. Anyways i think Ellen is gorgeous, she looks great in the dress and her man may not be the best looking, i've seen uglier, but once he treats her great and they love eachother, i could care less about the scripts. Take care of "your" own life people, it's all precious. Byeeeeee :D


I just signed the petition it is now 830


Is it just me or is he starting to get in the lime light more. I personally think Patrick and Ellen photograph a whole lot better.


My favorite photo shoot was when Patrick and Ellen did an interview for TV Guide together. They gave them the props and let them have at it. They were so relaxed and looked more natural. Even photographers say things about them acting like a real couple. So I don't see how anyone can be down on the fans for enjoying the chance to see them together.


The NY&CO pictures were way to airbrushed. She looks much better here.


She looks good. I think nobody makes her look as great as when she does the ad's for NY&CO. To see her and Patrick together just grab's at your heart even if you don't know them personally. Chris maybe a nice guy but he creep's me out.


She could wear a trash bag and still look amazing.

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