Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXVI

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Happy Monday, fans, and happy Caption Contest. It's time to see who emerged as the champion in this 66th consecutive edition of the contest.

You all did such a great job this week that every one of you deserves an honorable mention. Really, you outdid yourselves and gave us a good laugh up and down the list of entries! Ultimately, we chose LanieCroft.

That one really got to us, because of all the negativity surrounding the Isaiah Washington situation this summer. It was good to finally have a good natured laugh about it.

The full list of replies appears below, with the winning entry right under the photo. Thank you, as always, for making this the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web, and good luck again this week in the Caption Contest!

This week's Caption Contest image:

George, Izzie

George: "Izzie, tell me again, why are watching this? It sucks."
Izzie: "I know, but we have to."
George: "Why."
Izzie: "It's Bionic Woman. Burke is in there."

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George: "I never thought that I would ever feel sorry for Cristina."
Izzie: "Don´t. She´s better off, really. I mean Bionic Woman? Is he serious? I guess he really needs the cash"


IZZIE: "This is so wrong...but at least we know we're not ending up like Cristina and Burke!"


IZZIE: "This is so wrong...but at least we know we're not ending up like Cristina and Burke"


George: Burke gives to charity. Izzie: Burke gives the charity? The Preston Burke that was fired from the show gives to charity? George: Yeah Izzie: UGH. I don't know what to think. George: (thinking) I'm gorgeous George. I'm hot. I have great hair and I look better that Derek. Who am I kidding? I'm freaking AWESOME!! SERIOUSLY! Izzie: George? Are you thinking about yourself again? You should give to charity


Izzie: George, let's play truth or dare. George: Why? That's a game you play when you're drunk, and we're not drunk right now. Izzie: GEORGE! Please! George: Whatever. Izzie, truth or dare? Izzie: I've had a bad day so... dare. George: Ok, I dare you to watch every episode of Bionic Woman. Izzie: But George, that show sucks! Don't make my day worse. Please don't! George: I wasn't finished... you have to listen to polka music at the same time.


Izzie: Well... hmm... this is awkward... George: THIS is awkward? Try being up for an Emmy while the star of the show is not... Izzie: Ouch! You're right. Do you think WE'll be written off the show as well?


dude mcdreamylove1 all of yours are asome i will cry my freakin head off if yours doesn't win


George: Burke's new show, Bionic Woman sucks. Izzie: You're so mean. George: No I'm not. You're having a really bad hair day, Iz. Izzie: You're so mean. George: What is wrong with you? Izzie: The beast is hungry and I'm having a bad hair day and don't let me forget to mention that THE BEAST IS HUNGRY GEORGE! THE BEAST IS HUNGRY, HINT HINT , GEORGE!!! George: (thinking) So, go find Alex or Mark. Their beasts are probably hungry too. I mean they probably haven't fed in like 5 hours. (out loud) Right.


George: Izzie, did you just hear what I just heard? Izzie: That Derek and Meredith are back together? Yeah, I heard that. George and Izzie: (thinking to themselves) Great! It's going to be a loud night. I better go to bed early so I can get some kind of sleep.


izzie: can we switch cannels? im sick of addison being on the news! she gets her own spin off and now apparently she is engaged to alex...young!" george: [thinking] i should have a spin off! im the one nominated for an emmy!

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