Trailer: Patrick Dempsey in "Enchanted"

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Real life and the land of fairy tales collide in Disney's new movie, Enchanted. A key role in the film belongs to none other than Patrick Dempsey, who said he chose the project in large part because of his five-year-old daughter, Talula, and wanting to be in something she could relate to. Looks like fun:


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Enchanted was such a great movie! The whole time, I was thinking about PD!


Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! tzbqqdlkpcs


OMG i absolutely can't wait to see the movie!
does patrick sing too?
he looks gorgeous (as usual)!!
kisses from chile =)


OMG! I love it!! As some on who goes to movies to see something happy and far from real life, this is right up my alley! AND it has PD! Yay!


Hi Debs, we had a picture of Patrick Dempsey in a pink, puffy dress in our tv-guide last week (in Germany) - he surely looks nice in (or without?) anything, but not in this one...
Anyway, here is my comment to the preview: the story is not that new alltogether, ever heard of Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger? But of course I prefer this one with much cuter Patrick Dempsey. I like movies with fun parts for kids and parents on different levels. I wonder when it will start in German cinemas, maybe around Christmas - that is usually a good time for fairy-tale-related movies.


I can´t to see the movie. I must say McDreamy looks seriously McSexy in his prince charming outfit. Although i heard Patrick say in an interview that had to wear a kilt for his other movie that´s coming out Maid of honor. I can´t wait to see that. He has a great pair of legs he´s gonna look SO SEXYin it. I must say i´m looking forward to seeing him in pink dress.


Hell, I don't care how old you are... you are never to old or young to see a movie with Patrick Dempsey in it! lol.... the movie does look really cute though!


OMG I SEEN THIS PREVIEW ON MYSPACE A MONTH AGO AND I WATCHED IT LIKE 10 TIMES SINCE. BUT I SAW IT IN THE MOVIE THEATRE PREVIEWS THE OTHER DAY AND I FREAKED OUT! It comes out November 26...thats when i'm going..even if i have to sit in the theatre with a bunch of 5 year olds by myself. patrick dempsey is amazing.


omg i love it already! i know my 8 yr old daughter and i will be there on opening night! for those interested, PD also does the voice of Kenai in the Disney movie Brother Bear II. since Disney owns ABC, it's obvious he has some kind of major contract with them.


Ahahaha! That looks like a funny movie...even though it's for a younger crowd...I'll take my neice to see it so I won't look like a total nut :-)

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