Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst: Engagement Called Off

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Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst have called off the engagement.

"When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren't ready to be engaged," Baldwin shocking said.. "We're taking things much slower."


Reportedly, the couple is still dating as a couple. But Horst has postponed plans to move from San Francisco to Hawaii, where Navy doctor Andy is stationed.

Let's hope Brad Womack and his lady does better down the line.

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I think is best that they take it slow. And get to know eacth other more. They are lovly together, wish them they best. They seem so right together. Wishing them the best, hope they get married soon...:P


I would imagine she did it herself... -no?


Hello there, I wish you both the best in life and in love. I would like to know where Tessa had the picture frame done that she gave Andy on the show. If you happen to read this message and know where I can get the picture frame done just like that one, please email me with the company's telephone or web site so that I can contact them directly. Thanks and best wishes, Marie Tran


HiAndy and Tessa Hope you are still together with Tessa Julia Howard


Its good they are aware and eyes wide open in this relationship. Each day they will experience reality, love, yearnings,and their need to be at work surviving in routine dependable living which may, yet include each other.


I think this was a good move for this couple, I think every thing was happening to fast and to soon for Tessa, she and Andy both said during and after the show that she likes to take slow baby steps, and meeting, dating and getting engaged all with-in a six week time span is pretty quick. ~Jamie


I am so happy to hear they are taking things slower. They seem to be a perfect match, I am happy they are still together. A great relationship doesn't happen over night. Best wishes to the both of them. He is a very handsome man with alot going for him, but she is a BEAUTIFUL woman who is so respectful, not like alot of the girls that go on these shows! Tessa HAS CLASS! Don't lose her Andy!


I was disappointed to hear Tessa and Andy called off the engagement. However, it's probably best not to rush into a wedding so quickly. I hope their love and friendship continue to grow as a couple. They seem like a perfect match.
I don't understand why they called off the engagement if they are still a couple.
They have all my good wishes.


Who cares????????????????