Ellen Pompeo in Stereophonics Video

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Thanks to one of our readers, Tamika. for forwarding this along. According to Ellen Pompeo's Wikipedia page, the actress appeared in the music video for "Have a Nice Day," a single by the Welsh rock band Stereophonics. The song appears on their 2001 album, Just Enough Education to Perform.

See if you can spot a younger Ellen Pompeo ...


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you're gay!


It's hard to find her! But yeah... Ellen Pompeo is gor-G-euzzz.


i love ellen she is totally my hero!!!!


i think that she is the one that is in the black bathers.i love ellen she is so kool and my idol


sorry .. typo
Ellen rocks Greys Anatomy
i totally adore her too.. and for getting recognition, she is definately not being appreciated... she is great, works so hard, does wonders on the show and in promoting it, and still.... she is being snubbed. I am waiting for the Golden Globes... I have a lot of hope there.


Hey thats totally Ellen.
LOVE HER ... Ellen is rocks Greys Anatomy.


i love Ellen Pompeo so much and i totally agree with you HI cause she does grow on people and you really cant help but adore her!!!!!


I am not sure if its just me, but Ellen pompeo grows on people, she is the kind of person that just captures people's heart in a funny sort of way. You cant help but love her.
Last year wasnt a very good year for her, i hope she gets the recognition she desrves. Cant wait for season four, please Shonda dont disappoint us.


Yeah, I think its her.
love the song too!
its clearest in the robe when she gets the kiss, there I say its definately Ellen Pompeo, but not so clear anywhere else. Love Ellen all the way. She rocks.


Yeah I think shes the one in the robe
the one sitting on the lead singers left hand side all the time, black pink bikini.. red hair. Seems around the same time she did the loreal commercial. she had red hair then. love the song!

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