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Another Monday Caption Contest is in the books. Let's take a look at who came out on top this week at Grey's Anatomy Insider.

We loved the captions sent in by Ana, AnitaS and numerous others, as well as kdborg (both House and Private Practice references). But eventually we chose mckatie as the winner. We couldn't resist the thought of the interns taking shots at Chyler Leigh, a.k.a. Lexie Grey.

The winning reply appears beneath the photo, and you can scroll down the page to see the full list of submitted captions. Thanks for playing and for making the Insider the very best Grey's Anatomy site online. Visit us for news, Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Grey's Anatomy

Alex: Isn't that girl from Not Another Teen Movie?
Izzie: Ughh, would you look at those glasses?
Cristina: ... and that pony tail!
George: Eww... and those paint covered overalls!
Meredith: Not one of you even think about turning her into prom queen!

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Christina: Uuu.. I would love to kiss that lips.
George: Aw..he makes my heart skip a beat.
Alex: Damn, that guy makes me wanna be gay.
Izzie: Stay strong...I've got to stay strong..must do it.. for Denny...shit, that guy is too adorable.
Meredith: Hey guys, what are we looking at? A new Mc... Iz,Alex,George,Christina: Shut up Meredith! Izzie: Izzie, Alex, George and Christina will not label him Mc wtv...he's special... Alex: Yes..Alex agree.


Meredith: Hey guys... isn't that Jackie Chan?! What is he doing here?
George: I heard he had an accident on set while shooting rush hour 3...
Alex: Yeah, that and he's hitting on nurse Olivia. What an A.W.
Izzie: Well, she can't help it since shes a big H.
Christina: Dudes, hole is spelt with a h and whore is spelt with a w..What the hell guys?


Callie: People, people, welcome, welcome. We are gathered together for the wedding aftermath. This is the Burke and Yang M & M, what went wrong?


George: Bailey didn't get Chief Resident.
Alex: She should get the Emmy.
Christina: I can't breath.
Izzie: I should get George.
Meredith: 12 year olds have been nominated before, why not me?


While watching the first episode of Private Practice, the cast of Grey's Anatomy realizes they have competition and must improve their acting skills.


Alex: Huh, our first day as residents, with the exception of George. We should all cherish this moment. Izzie: For once, the evil spawn is right. Let's take a deep breath and sherish this moment. Christina: Mmmm. Look at that new inter already sucking up. I hope she goes to Alex. Meredith: I know I don't get her or my sister, I get George. George: (thinking- I'll show you, Meredith. I'll show you that I don't deserve to be doing my internship over again. You'll never cry during sex with me again)


Izzie: What's Dr. House doing here?


Collectively: "Is Callie really shaking her groove thing at the nurse's station? She loves to boogie, I guess."


Izzie: Is that McDreamy!?!
Cristina: Is that McSteamy!?!
Alex: Is that McHottie!?!
George: Are they really doing that? Are we really watching that?
Meredith: HOLY CRAP! Is that Bailey!?! Even I'm not that bendy!
(Interns turn around to look at Meredith)
Cristina: You realise there doing the tango, right Mer?


George: That is... amazing.
Izzie: seriously.. Holy crap
Alex (thinking): Sort of intresting..
Cristina: That is so NOT what i went to stanford for.
meredith (thinking): um yes. suddenly i'm not hungry anymore. Bailey: O'malley! stevens! karev! yang! grey! Stop looking at my vah-jay-jay! XD

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