Happy Birthday, Sara Ramirez!

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A simple post to wish a happy birthday to Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez, who we don't hear enough about. Much as some fans may not always like her character, Dr. Callie Torres, there's no doubting this actress' beauty and talent.

Sara Ramirez is 32!

Our guess is that tonight, Sara Ramirez will be celebrating her birthday at the rehearsal dinner for Kate Walsh, whose wedding is scheduled for this weekend! It's a good weekend for Grey's Anatomy cast members past and present.

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happy b'lated birthday sara!! =) all d best for u.. GBU..^^ teker..


Happy Late Birthday, Sara!


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!!!!!! !!!!!! ! ! ! O eugh lol its supposed to say HAPPY BDAY! lol but it looks kinda wacky hehehe


Sara. LOVE ,LOVE LOVE YOU on GA. Girl you are Rocking the house.!!!!
Please get RID of George. He is NOT good enough for YOU!!! Seriously


happy birthday sara !!! yay !!!


Happy Birthday Sara! Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!
♪Feliz cumpleaños a ti....feliz cumpleaños a ti...feliz cumpleaños Saritaaa....que los cumplas feliz♪


Yeah i 2nd that happy birthday Sara. U ROCK. Oh by the way hey Hafsa how are you I´m fine no news. Did you nsee Mer & Der kiss from season 4. I don´t about you but i´m SO excited.


emm..... how old is she? she looks about 30 or so. Anyway happy birthday sara


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