Patrick Dempsey at the Tour de France

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Patrick Dempsey's auto racing passion has been well documented, but the leading man is also a fan of a different kind of racing - cycling! The Grey's Anatomy star was spotted last month at the sport's famous Tour de France and gave an interview we thought you'd enjoy. You can watch it here.

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OH MY GOD i LOVE the little bits of grey they are SO SEXY. I think with the little bits of grey coming though & the stubble i think he´ll look even HOTTER in his racing gear & the scrubs


Hot indeed! It's a pity his hair is becoming grey :p


baby your steaming hot


he is the perfect man and easily the sexiest man alive! his hair looked so cool


omg i love his hair like that it looked alot better and waht a great guy right? i lvoe everything about him!!


hey, i think your the best person i've ever seen. I love everything about you!




so handsome and nice he is! loved his hair a bit shorter too ;)

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