T.R. Knight to Return For a Full Season

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T.R. Will Be Back
It has been confirmed by E! Online that T.R. Knight has been signed for the full fourth season of Grey's Anatomy, and not just 12 episodes, as some rumors have suggested in recent weeks.

While the show's official rep declines comments on the details of actors' contracts, a source close to the show says it's true that Knight is under contract to return - full-time.

The blue hair, however, most likely won't be making an appearance on screen. Although it would go well with the scrubs.

T.R. Knight, along with some of his co-stars, have been the subject of recent contract discussions and rumors in what became a rather tumultuous Season 3 (and off-season) for the ABC hit medical drama.

As for his character, George O'Malley, he still has to deal with flunking his exam at the end of last season, thanks to a certain woman... or several. How will he stay at Seattle Grace? That remains to be seen. But T.R. Knight will be front and center when the show returns September 27.

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That's a picture of 2006 http://www.tv.com/greys-anatom...


This is great news. I love my Georgie poo. Hoping he dumps allie and get with Izzie.


TR, no talent? Please, he is the best actor on the show. I am tired of all the frustrated Isaah fans taking out on TR. Isaah got fired because he was a huge, bg *ss and also, to be honest, because his character was darn boring. George is more important a character and always has been. I love george and I love Gizzie, and they are pretty much the only reason why I still watch the show. He is not going anywhere, sod eal with it!


I'm definately not feelin the bluie hair in the picture... it just ain't workin. I would rather see Isaiah Washington back on screen also. I don't have anything against T.R. Knight, but he's definately not .one of my favorites. My favorites would be Ellen Pompeo and Partick Dempsey. They are AMAZING!!!


I REALLY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT STUPID GEORGE. He is just a prop. He has NO ACTING TALENT. And HE IS VERY ANNOYING. After this past season I can't even look at him on screen. I leave the room if he is on or change the tv station. He is a third rate nothing MASQUERADING as an actor. His lack of character and intergrity disgusts me. If SHONDA and ABC think WE FANS WILL SIT AND WATCH THEM TRY AND PUSH STUPID GEORGE AND DIZZY IZZIE DOWN OUR THROATS.
They are in for a rude awakening.
I guess that is one of the perks in his contract he signed for this season. All of a sudden WE are suppose to see him as a leading man. People PLEASE!!! Is this some sort of SICK JOKE. He can't lead him self out of a paper bag. He will NEVER BE A LEADING MAN. NO MATTER WHAT SHONDA DOES.


I had not heard that rumor either, just the katherine elaving one, which I hope is also untrue. George is my very favorite character, I totally adore him, and I'm in love with George and Izzie (O'Stevens, Gizzie or whatever they are called, I just love them to pieces), so that gives me hope.


Seriously, where did this rumor come from? Never heard it, which is good, as TR is my favorite and I would have been freaking out if he left. Hoping he and Izzie get together, they are the best couple on the show and pretty much the only reason I still watch.


its good news that george will be back. I think what makes GA very exciting and successful is the whole cast team work and the personality of the different characters and not just of one person.


I honestly do not care about George O'Malley. I found George not interesting in season 3. I only have liked his character when he lived with christina and burke in season2. Thanks to the chemistry he had with burke at that time, I had a lot of fun. Otherwise I haven't liked him from the start. I find T.R Knight just as annoying as his character. I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE BURKE/Isaiah Washington ON THE SHOW THAN GEORGE/T.R Knight. That's for sure! AND i HOPE THAT THE SHOW WON'T TURN AROUND HIM NEXT SEASON; THE STARS ARE MER AND DER;


Don't care if george is back or not. his story with izzy is just too disturbing.
honestly i wish they put T.R out and that Burke would come back .

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