A Chat with Mrs. Petrelli, Cristine Rose

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Based on the season two premiere, Heroes will be focusing on the older generation a bit more this year.

That probably sounds great to Cristine Rose, who plays the infamous mother to Nathan and Peter Petrelli. She recently spoke with TV Guide:

Cristine Rose PictureTVGuide.com: It's been a blast loving Mama Petrelli even though we can't trust her.
Rose: Oh, I think she's just misunderstood and misguided! I have to play her with the intent that she's good and that she's a nurturer… yet a nurturer who's not averse to violence. This part really juices me up!

TVGuide.com: Word is, she drops quite a bombshell in the Oct. 15 episode.
Rose: Yes, the shocking confession. It's about the murder. She is in the thick of it. She has a lot of secrets, and she'll be doling them out.

TVGuide.com: Well, if I were you, I'd dole them out very slowly — especially with this death-card thing hanging over your head. Of course, nothing is ever what it seems on your show.
Rose: And things can turn at any given moment. Every time I think I have Angela pinned down as to who and what she is, I'll read the next script and everything has changed. Last season I took some solace in the fact that I wasn't heavier in the stories because that meant there was no need or interest in killing me. As exciting as things are for me on the show these days, I am now a marked woman! But… [Pregnant pause]

TVGuide.com: But what?
Rose: Are we really sure Angela is not a part of [Kaito's death]? I will tell you this about the next few episodes: My character crosses paths with the other heroes and none of them are very happy about it.

TVGuide.com: Angela's fury toward her son Nathan [Adrian Pasdar] is a fearsome thing to behold.
Rose: Not only did Nathan destroy all her plans that had been building up for decades, she blames him for killing her beloved son Peter [Milo Ventimiglia]. It's all blown up in her face. They've got me doing monologue after monologue like Lear, just ranting and raving.

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