Another Heroes Spoiler: Matt Parkman's Family History

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Previous Heroes spoilers have revealed that the infamous "Boogeyman" referred to by Molly Walker in the season one finale will turn out to be Matt Parkman's father.

Now, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide has pretty much had that rumor confirmed... by none other than the man who portrays Parker himself. Here's what he had to say:

Ausiello: Only my BFF Greg Grunberg could get a flat tire en route to the Emmys and still show up in time to give me some serious scoop. "Parkman's family plays a huge role in the story behind the heroes," he said. "My character for once plays an integral part in what's happening. And it was a shock to me when I got [the script].

I was like, 'What?' But it's great because people have been saying to me, 'I really wish that you'd be more a part of the show.' I've been working my butt off, but it's been great."

Does this storyline intrigue you? Are you glad to see Parkman taking on more of a role, as it relates to the rest of the cast? Let us know on our

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