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First Promos For "Love/Addiction"

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Here's the promo that ABC aired immediately following "A Change is Gonna Come," advertising next Thursday's episode "Love/Addiction." From Alex getting decked at the hospital to a surprise appearance by Mrs. Burke to some serious S&M (sex and mockery), it looks like there will be plenty going on in this episode!


Follow the jump for ANOTHER PREVIEW of "Love/Addiction" - one that is not only different, but steamier - that has been appearing on CTV ...


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George and Izzie belong together, they always seemed a little bit in love to me. Brothers and sisters do not flirt like Gizzie did in the whole I won't have sex if you beg me, yes I will scene. That is not siblings' behavior at all. There always was something there between them through all their relationships with other people. Unfortunately, they realized it very late. I seriously do not understand how people did not see them coming, they are McObvious. But after last week's episode, it is crystal clear they belong together. And more and more fans are becoming fans of those two. I really doubt we are in the minority anymore.


According to Shonda in ehr podcast,. George always loved Izzie, he did not tell her because he felt insecure and trapped in his marriage and everything thatw as going on with his life. Lexie helpiong him have confidence in himself was what freed him from admitting his real feelings. She wrote the show, so I would tend to believe her. Him telling Izzie he loved her was the first RIGHT decision he has made in months. It is beyond obvious for anyone with two eyes that he is crzy about Izzie and that he doesn't feel the same way about Callie. Gizzie for the win!


Has anyone else ever noticed that when George is all emotionally messed up, he goes and does something drastic? His dad dies - he marries Callie for comfort. He fights with Callie - gets drunk and sleeps with Iz. He flunks/repeats his year - is all angry and messed up about it...and goes and tells Izzie "I love you too." The dude makes huge, life-changing decisions when he is clearly in no condition to do so! IMO, the marriage was a mistake, the sex was a mistake, the "I love you too" --another HUGE mistake. Bambi does indeed need saving--from himself. I LOVE how Lexie Grey talked him back to reality. I think I may like her after all. :) Maybe after all this Calizorge stuff blows over he could fall for HER.


What's the big deal if George and Izzie get together? They could be soul mates for all we know. I don't see a brother/sister thing between them. I see a brother/sister thing between George and Meredith...or Izzie and Alex or whatever. George and Izzie were always kind of...well, I can't think of a word at this very moment. But these two could be meant for each other. Who knows, eh? We gotta wait to see where Shonda's mind takes us next.


I think that Christina is hiding from Mama when she walks out of the elevator. She doesn't want to see her, and Mama wants to see Christina. And I agree with May about the Gizzie thing. I do think that George likes Callie, but he's too impulsive. People just don't run away with someone to Vegas to get married, then a mont later, go sleep with some model.


I don't feel sorry for Callie AT ALL. Because she know that George don't love her like she loves him, and she knew that he wasn't at his best when he asked her to marry him. It feels like she took advanedge of that, and decided to have a vegas-marrige before he had time to realise that he was doing the wrong thing. I'am not saying that he don't love Callie, cause at some point I think he really did, but you heard what he said, he only got married because his dad loved her. The marrige would have been a lost case even if George and Izzie hadn't realised that they loved each other.


i'm not being rude here because i love grey's anatomy to pieces... but it has always seemed to me like the george-izzie thing started as an effort to please everyone, then now they're so unsure about what to do with the couple. shonda is brilliant, no doubt, but george getting involved with meredith then callie then izzie just doesn't seem quite like george. i'm not a callie fan, but i want her marriage with george to work out for affirmation that not all impulsive marriages are mistakes, and that depite everything, the less dashing woman (callie) can win the man.


Gizzie are the new Addek. Vomit! They hurted the ratings. Ugh!


watching gizzie make out is eewww! like watching a brother making out with his sister! They never had any sexual chemistry, they don't match physically, and izzie is just too strong a personality for him. they should just be friends. They don't suit at all, i don't understand why people think they do. No electricity when they kiss, no passion. They were really way off on this one when they wrote it!


another p.s if there are any George & Callie fans out there talk to me!! haha i need some comfort