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Here's a look at various quotes from the cast of Gossip Girl, courtesy of an article by Media Blvd:

What's the coolest thing about the show?
Blake Lively: New York is an amazing factor. Getting to work with Josh and Stephanie, and having them be so passionate. The clothes are amazing. It's just a really fun show. The cast is so great. We get along so well. It's a really great vibe, all around.

Is it exciting for you to make the transition onto a show with older kids?
Taylor Momsen: It's totally a blast. I'm having so much fun. Everyone is so great. I am younger, obviously, and it's a reality check. They treat me like such an individual, which I totally appreciate and love. But then, they'll go out, and I have to go home and do homework.

When will you consider yourself a celebrity?
Leighton Meester: I don't know. It's so hard to say. I don't really know if that's necessarily what I want or what I'm seeking. I just want to make the show. On a more serious note, I think that there's good and bad things to be said about never being able to go anywhere on your own. I'm so used to being able to do that, so I hope it doesn't get to that point. But, if that's what it means for the show to do well, then that's okay.

How did you come to this project?
Chace Crawford: I had a meeting back in January with my television agent and she said, "There this big script that Josh Schwartz has adapted." I read it and thought, "It's typical teen stuff, but it's Josh Schwartz, so it's probably going to be a good project." The casting process was pretty rigorous. I went back six or seven times. I knew that I was probably in the mix after the first audition, but winning over Les Moonves was another story. I ended up reading with Leighton, who had just gotten cast.

Is it fun to play the slick bad boy?
Ed Westwick: It's fun to play the bad boy because there's a mysterious dynamic that Chuck brings to the whole group. It's fun to be the spice. It looks like he's going to be the one manipulating people and mixing things up.

Your character is the outsider who has more to prove. Has that been fun for you?
Penn Badgley: It's always nice to be the moral compass of a show. I think he stands out as the heart and soul, and a lot of people identify with him, maybe more than others. It's much easier to like the guy that's smiling than the guy that's scowling. It's great, but I'm also hoping that they'll explore some darker sides of his character, so that he can really have some arcs.

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