Gossip Girl Look-Alike: Ed Westwick and Jimmy Fallon

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We enjoyed the Gossip Girl season premiere last night.

If you missed any of it, check out our episode guide now. It's complete with quotes, photos and Gossip Girl music from the opening hour on The CW.

One thing had us distratced during the episode, however: Ed Westwick looks exactly like former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon, doesn't he? It's not just us, right?

Compare these actors for yourself:

Ed Westwick Still

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Uhm, the guy looks nothing like either Jimmy Fallon or Joaquin Phoenix.


I think he totally looks like Joaquin Phoenix's younger
brother, but I can totally see the Jimmy Fallon thing too


OK i totally agree with Katie; i was watching Gladiator today and just was mezmerized by the insane resemblance between Joaquin and Ed!!!!!! Seriously, it's ridiculous!


wtf?? your comparing him to Jimmy fallon. I think he looks like a younger joaquin PHoenix if anyone

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