Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXIII

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With the Season Four premiere of Grey's Anatomy just days away, let's see who won the second to last Insider Caption Contest before new episodes begin!

While Mcdreamy's lover submitted a number of classics, we ultimately went with an entry from die_lexie_grey. The winning reply is under the pic below. Scroll down the page to read the full list of responses. Congratulations, thanks to all for playing, and good luck in next week's contest!

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Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Izzie and Denny

Denny: I've been meaning to ask you... do you have feelings for George?

Izzie: Not the way you mean. He's my best friend.

Denny: So, nothing has ever happened between you two?

Izzie: No! I think I had to be really drunk, totally depressed and completely unconscious for THAT to happen! Or maybe just desperately horny.

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Izzie: Ok, I'm here. What was so urgent that I had to finish my lunch in 2 seconds just to come see you?! Denny: I have a confession to make. Izzie: What is it? Denny: I lost one of the letters to Scrabble. I can't find it anywhere. I think it was one and the 'Ls'. Izzie: Is that all you called me in here for? I thought there was going to be some kind of major surgery or something that I could get in on... Denny: There is one more thing, Iz. Izzie: What the crap is it, Denny?! Denny: I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko. (thinking) haha... I bet I pissed her off! Izzie: (thinking) He so just pissed me off.... I'm going to cut his LVAD wires tonight and then shoot Burke in the arm so he can't be saved.


Izzie: And so then she started crying right in the middle, and he moved out and they're still not talking, and it's putting me in a really bad position because I want to be friends with her still, but I mean, he's my best friend and...
Denny: Oh, can I just say how much it helps that I'm on drugs right now?


Denny: You're a good friend.
Izzie: So high right now.
Denny: Actually, you're my best friend in the whole hospital.
Izzie: I just feel sorry for you.
Denny: Why? Because I could die today?
Izzie: This is why I hate being around stoned people.


DENNY: Hey, my girl's here! You're so pretty, and such a good kisser.
IZZIE: Oh. God.
ALEX [out of frame]: Excuse me?
IZZIE: He's on drugs.
DENNY: She's an excellent kisser!
ALEX: You two... are dating?
DENNY: You didn't know?
IZZIE: It wasn't a date so much as a... surprisingly comfortable picnic in bed with only apple juice..


Izzie: So, which dress should I wear to the prom, Denny? The red, white, or the blue? Denny: Well, why don't you just cut them all up and put the little pieces back together again and go dressed as the American flag?! Izzie: What's your problem? Denny: You're here and Alex was here. You never told me that you were "with" Alex, and I'm so jacked up on every pain killer known to man kind and mountain dew that I don't know which boob is on the right and which is on the left. Izzie: That must be awful... you don't know the left boob from the right boob. I can show you if you want me too.


Denny: Marry me.
Izzie: What?
Denny: Marry me.
Izzie: I cannot hear you! What?
Denny: MARRY ME!
Izzie: I'm sorry you're just gonna have to yell or something, I cannot hear you because of all the machines!


Pick ME! Choose ME! Kill ME!


Izzie: "Are you as happy as I am that Season 4 is FINALLY here?"
Denny: "Heck yes! Then I can finally get out of this stupid hospital gown!"


Denny: You're preettyyy!!
Izzie: Dear lord what are you on?


Izzy: "Well, your heart is failing; I cut your LVAD wire and there's no spare ones here; Burke's been shot trying to get here to save you; and the hard core Dr.Hahn stole your donor heart- SO, it ain't looking too good for you right now. But, good news! I saved 15% on my car insurance with GEICO!"
Denny: "Oh Izzy, I'm so happy for you! Even if I die now it's worth it just to see you say it!"

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