Heroes Caption Contest VIII

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Hiro and Ando have enough to worry about without expensive car insurance premiums on their minds.

That's why reader "Brian" submitted the funny caption - posted below - for last week's Heroes Caption Contest. He beat out a serious of other entries. And we appreciate all the readers that contributed.

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Ando: "Hiro…. Wait!!!!! I just wanted to tell you that I
just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by
switching to Geico!!!!"

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Heroes Quotes

Sandra: They are asking a lot of questions. They called the police. What am I supposed to tell them?
Noah: Tell them what I would tell them.
Sandra: You mean lie.

West: You don’t have to pretend anymore. The jig is kinda up, spygirl.
Claire: I’m not pretending. And I’m not a spy, I swear. I just… I’m just a cheerleader.

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