Heroes Gossip: Are Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia Dating?

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For the most part, we try to stick with Heroes news or Heroes spoilers on this site.

We leave the gossip to Perez Hilton, TheHollywoodGossip.com and other outlets.

But we came across the video below recently and figured it would be of interest to readers.

At a post-Emmy Awards party Sunday night, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia were dancing rather closely. And he leans in a couple times to whisper in her ear... or even kiss his co-star, perhaps.

Judge for yourself:


Rumors have been swirling that these actors are dating, especially after Panettiere broke up with longtime boyfriend Stephen Colletti. Of course, she's only 18. He's 30. So it's understandable why the pair has been denying anything more than a friendship.

Then again, if Hayden and Mio were a couple, we could nickname them "Halo." That almost makes it worthwhile.

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they look gooD together... that's all i can say...


I think they should do whatever there heart desires as together they are a hot and apart they are hot so they should do what is best for them! For me i love them both, age doesn't matter whether youre 50 years it doesn't matter to me and other people shouldn't do either. I think they were meant to be so i hope they go far. I love them both so good luck in their life togther!


I think when it comes to love age doesn't matter and it's not like it's illegal. I say they should be given the chance to fall in love, if it's meant to be, they will.


That was gross to watch. Kind of seems a little sleezy to me. What ever happened to keeping work professional? I am disappointed in Milo if this is true.


i think it's okei if they're together..they'll split up up anyways...?


it'll be like a jane and mr. rochester romance, despite hayden
LOOKS WAY BETTER THAN all those who play jane eyre.


Hey If Milo's dating an 18 year old maybe I have a chance. And hey!! I'm brunette!


Um.. prolly not an official myspace page...
and I sincerely hope they are not dating
she is a poor actor, and he is older...and i think he has more
sense as an adult than to date his co-actor 12 years younger...
the network im sure wouldnt approve


LOve milo and hayden!!


I think Hayden is 21 isn't she? And didn't Hayden comfirm that she was dating Milo on her myspace page?


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