Heroes Spoiler: A Different Side to Sylar

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Zachary Quinto recently answered a question from The Associated Press. And it shed some light into the future of Sylar:

AP: The show's been saying, 'Sylar's evil pales in comparison to a new villain.' Does that mean Sylar's turning into a good guy?
Zachary Quinto: You'll definitely see a different side to him. I don't know if it's a good side or not. But the nature of a show like this is that all the characters have to evolve and all the stories have to evolve and to ever expect that I would be the only force of evil in this epic world is kind of naive and shortsighted.

Good Sylar?

I think that my character is definitely struggling with a whole host of obstacles and problems that he never would have imagined and that he has to really, really deal with before he can sort of get back on track to pursuing all of his power-hungry, murderous rampage Hero hunting.

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It Would Be Pretty Sweet To see Sylar Become a good Guy But I Wonder How Noah Bennet And His Daughter Will Handle It If He does Become one. I guess we'll Have to wait and see In September i believe BTW Love The show Sylar Rules

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