Kate Walsh is a Married Woman

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After just one month of dating, and three months of being engaged, Kate Walsh and Alex Young are officially husband and wife.

The wedding took place Saturday at the Ojai Presbyterian Church in Ojai, Calif., with a reception at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Some of Kate Walsh's Grey's Anatomy co-stars, such as Katherine Heigl and fiance Josh Kelley, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Justin Chambers and wife Keisha, along with Shonda Rhimes, were in attendance.

Also attending were actress Kate Beckinsale and her director husband, Len Wiseman. Reports indicate that approximately 110 guests were on hand.

A lavish reception was scheduled to follow at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa's Casa Elar, a Spanish-style estate where guests enjoyed sit-down dinners.

Wedding planner Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels had decorated the estate with hundreds of candles for an intimate atmosphere.

Kate Walsh is Married

Kate Walsh, 39, will play her Grey's Anatomy character, Addison Montgomery, on a spin-off debuting on ABC on September 26, Private Practice.

Just last week, the TV star told Entertainment Tonight that with her career and her engagement to Alex Young, "I'm living a very good dream."

Young, 35, is a production executive at Fox. His proposal to Kate in May was discovered after she was spotted her wearing an engagement ring.

Congratulations to Kate and Alex from all of us at the Insider! Follow the jump for a few more pictures of Kate Walsh's wedding ...

Bride and Groom

Wedding Party
Katherine Heigl Arrives
Justin and Keisha Chambers

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Yeah, but he's an unbelievable jerk. He's incredibly full of himself, nasty to what he considers little people, and is a real bas***d. She can do better, and probably will in the not too distant future.


Calliope is pathetic. Of course Patrick is her friend, as you can see in many 'behind the scenes ' vids, where they embrace each other and laugh. Whatever, you aren't worth any comment. If you want respect from Ellen haters, then stop with this childish comment. To say something with your own words: you need a doctor! Kate looks beautiful, it's with reason that Kate and Katerine both had a high place in the 'Maxim top 100 list'.


Kate Walsh is ugly! Katherine is beautiful!


"Congratulations Kate, may you have a happy married life. Just wondering why arent Patric dempsey, Ellen pompeo and Sandrah Oh present at the wedding?" Because Patrick, Ellen, Sandra and Eric aren't her friends. I'm glad!


"And yet Calliope, you care enough about Kate to come over here and drop your name as well. You claim to dislike Kate, but you are always looking for her! You are like a little boy in school who keeps teasing or kicking the little girl who he secretly has a huge crush on." Really?? I suppose people who bashing Pompeo everywhere they adore her.
Walsh is vomit, a real slut and they will divorce in few months.


Actually, they dated since February, that makes 3 months before he proposed, not 1. But well... Congrats!!!!
She does look kind of sad, but then again, it was a microwave that day, and the paps along with the helicopters definitely didn't help.


Sara Ramirez was in the wedding party.


I really did not like her dress, and she seems sad a whole lot. I loved her bridesmaid dresses but.


to Carla Ward-- could you maybe post a link to those 50 other pictures? hahaaa i love kate walsh. she looks beautiful, as does everyone else. i'd love to see more picturess.. =]


Congratulations to her and Alex! I am so glad that they got married. I was also going around saying that yesterday, Pealon. My parents were also getting annoyed. I was looking for news about it yesterday, but I couldn't find it. Again, congratulations to the new married couple!


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