Katherine Heigl Wins Best Supporting Actress Emmy!

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Experts' predictions had Sandra Oh taking home the Best Supporting Actress honors, but when the dust settled, the Emmy went to Katherine Heigl!

Katherine, who was not only going up against the formidable Sandra Oh and a third Grey's Anatomy star, Chandra Wilson, but three of the best supporting actresses from all other drama series, was quite taken aback.

Katherine Heigl, who won in her first-ever Emmy nomination, joked that she did not prepare a speech for the occasion because "My own mother told me that I didn't have a shot in hell of winning tonight."

Best Supporting Actress!

As cameras focused on her mother and manager, Nancy, in the crowd, Katherine Heigl laughed and added, "But she's a really big supporter. She does love me."

In closing, a tearful daughter addressed a tearful Nancy Heigl, "This is for you, this is because of you. I wouldn't want to be here without you."

Congratulations to Katherine, and to Sandra and Chandra on their nominations!

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It was perhasps a surprise that Katherine Heigl beat out the Sopranos - given their finale, but to suggest that any of her Grey's co-stars were more deserving is a joke. She has acted rings around everyone bar on the show for the past 18 months and is very deserving of her award. Neither Sandra nor Chandra really should have been nominated - not because they are not good, but because neither had anything worthy to submit. Chandra was sadly overlooked in Season 3 and had no storyline to work with (she even said so), and few scenes to show her range. Sandra - again did not have much apart from the last episode - but she seems to be stuck in the one dimensional - Cristina is a miserable mode. Can she do anything else but hang dog expression? I know sure she can - we just need to see it and for that blame the writers. For the record as well Sandra did not win an Emmy it was a Golden Globe in 2006 (if memory serves), incidentally Katherine Heigl was also nominated for earlier this year for her work. Guess the critics seems to agree where it matters. I would not be surprised to her nominated again in January and possibly twice once for Grey's and once for Knocked Up. What I see here is a lot of comments by some very bitter and twisted people making very nasty and unfounded comments. To even suggest the award was based on looks or worse is just pathetic and infantile and shows a lack of maturity and an ugly amount of jealousy. Far be it from me to suggest that they come from people who are fans of other cast members who might be bitter their idol did not win. Surely not. Grow up.


There's so many wrong here it should read 'Heigl has been unfairly attacked by fans of her Grey's co-stars who wanted their idol to get that trophy instead of her. Well fans can be sore losers when they didn't get what they wanted and they think they know a hell lot better than the person they judged and so they whine and rant and be cruel to discredit the winner. It's suck being the losers isn't it, it can turn you into a monster when you chose to entertained your bitter feelings. Life is a journey one day you're up and the next you're down at least take solace in that since you harbour ill fortune for her. Even Heigl acknowledged that's how life cycles work, good for her. I think she can stay long in this bussiness with that attitude.


I love it that the Emmy panesl got to watch 4 episode from the all Grey's supporting roles nominee episode submition and voted who shine in their role the most ie. each episode submited by George, Katie, Chandra and Sandra. From these 4 episodes submited the panel voted Katie to be the best supporting role. They're not bias unlike fans tend to be who without doubt would love their favourite characters to win base on the storylines that they love not acting. When fans love the storylines they quickly thought their character should win an award just because they like the character. I find Katie has many shining moments in S3 playing the confused and troubled Izzie who just lost her fiance and in her own believed just realized her love for her best friend and shamesly persue him. Izzie's storyline sucks and so many fans has turn against her this season when in S2 they they love her as Denny's love interest. In S3, Katie still nailed the role as confused and crazy Izzie and I do think she actress deserved her Emmy as do the Emmy panel. I think their vote are less bias then fans-base vote does which tend to be influenced base on storyline that they love not acting ability and from the cruel comments Katie received for her Emmy win just prove how bias fans can be. So emmy vote is credible and fans vote are not.


seattlechick -- both NYTimes and Entertainment Weekly articles are true. The 20-page $19 book is true, and EW indeed thinks that Heigl didn't deserve the award. Check their website again, it's on the Emmy Live Blog section. See how it insinuates what a fuckin retard diva Katherine Heigl really is. So despicable.


yep, I did miss read what entertainment weekly wrote. Is was a fan ranting instead.


That NYTIMES article is real? If it is that is sad. Why would she charge so much for a 20 page book and then say "do you have an emmy? I didn't think so" She should be greatful. Oh and didn't entertainment weekly say that she didn't desever that emmy? I could have sworn that I had read that on their offical website but my vision is kind of bad so I must have miss read.


Whoa! You mean you're not Katherine Heigl??! :( :( sigh. Ah well..... Bitch says she has a life but she still comes back here everyday posting with us 'losers without a life.' Ha! Good riddance, by all means! No more terrible sight of terrible spelling and grammar. Kick rocks, WICKED!


Lawd that's too much info, Wicked. It's not like the people here are interested with your (non-existent) life. Nice try standing up for your dumbshit idol, though. Good job. Like idol, like fan. Both of you must go to hell. And oh, by the time we'd meet Heigl in person, her Emmy butter trophy would have completely melted. Too bad, what a shame. :( And by the way, who stood up for you??? Another thing... It's fun hating on you. Too bad you gave up, aww. :(


It's been fun. I'm outta here. You know, I really tried to be diplomatic, but fuck it. You are all losers. Nothing better to do than to bitch about some actress winning a trophy. That is really sad. Get a life. I'm going to go live my life now. Go away to the wine country, enjoy some celtic music, do a painting, something enjoyable. The rest of you losers enjoy your jealous rant. For those few adults who stood up for me, many thanks. To KH fans everywhere who are happy she won, I'm there with you! The rest of you, enjoy your miserable lives, and I hope that you do meet KH and she rubs her trophy in your faces! Oh, and to Rozanne Chilton, fuck off, you low life bitch. You made me say it! Love always! The Wicked Bitch


Actually, Sandra never won an Emmy. She was nominated three times from 2005-2007. Sandra won a Screen Actor's Guild Award at the end of Season 1 and a Golden Globe in 2006. Chandra Wilson then won the SAG award the year after Sandra. But I still love her.


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