Lee Pace is a Newbie We'll Love

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America will love Lee Pace.

So says a feature on E! Online, as the entertainment site counts down fresh faces on fall TV for the country to get excited about.

Here's what it says about the Pushing Daisies star:

Who He Is: The star of ABC's critically acclaimed dramedy Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace is best known so far for his work as Jaye's big brother on Wonderfalls, an earlier show from Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, and for his turn in the Showtime film Soldier's Girl.

Pace, Lee

Where to Meet Him: On Pushing Daisies, of course, the story of Ned, a gentle pie baker who just so happens to be able to resurrect the dead. Unfortunately, his power comes with strings attached, and as a consequence, he is forever forbidden to touch the love of his life: a girl named Chuck (Anna Friel).

She was dead once, you see, and he brought her back to life by his magic touch, and should he ever touch her a second time, she would die forever, never to return. Ah, the road of TV love never did run smooth.

Why You'll Love Him: He's smart, sweet and thoughtful, not to mention dead sexy.

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"Dead sexy" is right! I dig this man and this show. He is incredibly adorable, and I can't say that enough. The show is well done, and very entertaining. With the writer's strike, we haven't had any new episodes or repeats for that matter. I hope this is resovled soon, because I am going through Lee Pace withdrawal :)


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She read about people she could never be, on adventures she would never have. Life was good enough until one day it wasn't. Chuck wanted more. But at Boutique Travel Travel Boutique she got more than she bargained for.


Ned: Do you know you have a "tell" when you lie?
Olive: Do I?
Ned: You answer questions with questions.
Olive: Maybe I know I have a tell and I know you know I have a tell and maybe I'm doing it now to confuse you because you don't know what tell I'm telling.