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Masi Oka is hilarious.

The Heroes actor was recently featured in the magazine Geek Monthly - and he takes pride in being labeled a geek or a nerd.

"A geek is someone who is passionate about something," he said in a long interview that you can read now. "It can be about anything. It can be about musicals. It can be about computers. It can be about our show. And you can be passionate about more than one thing. I would rather be passionate about something than apathetic about everything. To be Geek is to be human."

So profound.

Meanwhile, check out the following Masi Oka photos from the article. We dare you not to laugh as you look at each one...

Masi Oka Picture
Howdy, Masi!

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Wow geek tastic! I AGREE!!!!


i dont think its profound! i love being a geek. What people think is geeky i just love. such as video games, science and comic books. I also LOVE hiro. just the way he transforms from 'geek' to a rather HOT marshal arts hero- who kicks ass- is just great to see the good guy geek get to show there are more to geeks then people see.


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