Survivor: China Spoilers

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Survivor: China Spoilers
Our thanks to TV Squad for delivering the following spoilers for Survivor: China...
  •  The second boot (next week) will be Ashley Massaro, the WWE Diva.
  • Rumors have both Leslie and Sherea out of the game early.
  • There will be no car given away this season.
  • The merge is set for episode seven.
  • Exile Island is gone... but the hidden Immunity Idol is hidden in plain sight.

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The preview for episode 12 (days 34 to 36) of Survivor China, disclosed Amanda's and Denise's effort to get Pee-Gee to vote Todd out of the camp. I cannot help but anticipated neither Pee-Gee, Amanda, Denise nor Todd has the Immunity Necklace. So, who will likely be voted off the camp in episode 12? (Pee-Gee, Todd or Amanda?)